Knives And Their Sharpeners

Just now… I purchased my second Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. Assist-Open Knife.

I need two, one to hold in each hand. Yus!

Super knife! easy, fast action.
Exactly like my _____.

Hope you don’t live in Albuquerque. That’ll get ya killed.

I don’t like these. These knives would be em- bear&son

Soooo, no pictures of the sharpener in use or even properly set up? Nooooooo thank you…

What do you know, the second link is a video of it being used…

Going to keep posting these on knife sales until Woot tells us why they won’t ship knives to places where they are completely legal. I can go into any reputable shop in Rochester NY (14606 zip) and purchase a Scallion. I can order it direct from Kershaw, or from Amazon, and have it shipped no problem. Since Woot is owned by Amazon, why won’t you ship knives to me? I’ve missed out on some seriously good deals because of this guys! YOU’VE missed out on some seriously good sales because of this!

So does the EZLap come with the leatherman displayed in the picture? No info in the description.

What is the purpose of an “extreme ops” knife? I’m guessing such a knife wouldn’t be useful for any “limited” use or anything moderate in nature, like cutting rope or opening packages.

Yes, after my last purchases I was disappointed to find that the Klipsch ear phones did not come with a woman’s head and torso, and the CAT mini-backhoe didn’t include a child to ride on it.