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Multi-tools rock, and there’s not much you can say to convince me otherwise. Sharp eyes may notice a number of styles to compare - so feel free to add your cutting commentary below!

Why did the large Cold Steel Voyagers go UP $3? At $25 they were borderline something to consider, but now they’re priced out of their league. Too bad. I was thinking of getting a few more as gifts after receiving my test order. AUS-8 doesn’t suck, but it’s still middling steel. These would be a no-brainer at $10. Come on woot! Bring on the pre-Christmas DEALS! :wink:

My biggest gripe about the Cold Steels is that the clip, while switchable for left or right pocket, is only for point-up carry. I would really like the option of point-down too. Alas.

I can’t remember if I have posted anything about these before so I am going to do it (possibly again) just in case. I placed an order on Woot based on what I have heard of Cold Steel (I heard good stuff). Unfortunately I was seriously let down upon reciept. The plastic on the handle seemed cheap but much more important was the locking mechanism was all but impossible to operate it was so tight. Plus lets be honest who doesn’t want a one handed open and close functional knife in todays world…two hands to close a knife is SOOOOO 1970’s. The blade also looks kind of cheap (whether it is or not I cannot say but it looks cheap). This is a terrible knife IMO.

Woot, why bother spending the time and energy putting the gerber multi-tool on the site if you only had six to put up?

Plus deals will often have smaller quantities. That’s why we can’t put them up as daily deals.

I agree at $10.00 I’d be for some!

This is a wonderful price for a Cold Steel blade. My main issue with the Voyager series is the locking mechanism. It is extremely tight. After a week or 2 of moderate use it does loosen up a bit so your thumb doesn’t hurt every time you use it.

Both of my voyagers perform great now, but it did take some time to break them in. I also do not care for the clip on this model, but the blade is wonderful.

Woot, when are you going to offer the XL version?

Agreed BUT it was better last week by $3.01!

heh. Looks like they pulled them. Maybe they’re coming back for the wootoff at $10/ea! :slight_smile:

Great Knives. I bought the Cold Steel 7" and 9" Voyagers, both arrived four days after I bought them. Fast service, great price and wonderful knives. I had been pricing them on Cold Steel’s web site, glad I waited.

On the Cold Steel web site, they are $79.99 and $69.99, They were a steal here.