Knives & Flatware



That is the most metal knife stand i have ever seen. Ugly. Wouldn’t want it my house. But METAL!


Woot editors: the title on the product page is “8 pc Deluxe Knife Stand with Stand”

What I really need is a stand for my stand’s stand. Can I find one of those? haha

P.S. I always love your teasers, as a fellow online marketer.


Are there brand names for any of these?


“we often can’t give out names of manufacturers” so competitors don’t cry.


That’s about it.

If the manufacturer isn’t listed, then…
Sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer. This is to protect their presence in the marketplace for this great price.

Looks like it’s this. Having a brand name is helpful for the buyer without it beware.


I completely agree. UGLY.


Anyone else order the 8-Piece Knife Set with Acrylic Stand only to be told today that the order cannot be fulfilled? Seems a common problem with Woot lately.


Rusted first time washed in dishwasher.