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Just for clarification’s sake:

The Boker Kalashnikov specs says that it has 440C Steel. The image itself (if you look carefully at the folded blade image) shows AUS8.

Do we know which is correct? The specifications or the image? (Amazon reviews of the same model number were just as confusing.)

Vendor confirms (and so does Boker’s site at least) that it is 440C.

That little black scallion is my EDC- I love that little knife. It’s all I can do to not get this one, at such a great price!

I received mine today and it has AUS 8 on the blade.

Recieved my Dark Hollow
Sure, it’s not “real” sniper bladeworks dark hollow but it’s also more than $700 less.
The belt/pocket clip is so tight as to be unusable now so will fix that soon…
For the price though, this is A…MAZING
It’s Very, Very nice for the price.
I’ll be picking up some different screws to replace the junk they use in this chinese version
and will be anodize the titanium, probably electrically, to make a beautiful color.

And will treat the blade - haven’t decided how yet, probably blueing
plus adding a better edge.

An idea on the size:
Here is a (top to bottom) SOG Flash II, The Boker Dark Hollow, Kershaw Leek, The CRKT Moxie, and an Ontario MK3 MOD0

Despite what it looks like, all knives are exactly lined up on right side.

oh, and the leek is much better than the scallion or chive for an edc IMO.
I sometimes use one of my Rainbow Leeks as a once-in-a-while carry.

Right now as EDC (cheap version…have a more refined and then a dress version) I’m using the Moxie I purchased a few weeks back on Woot.
It’s a great knife for twice or more the $19.99 it was.

Anyone having received -
Could you post photos, particularly of all writting on blade?
Boker didn’t make any of the KAL anniversary edition pictured with AUS 8. There is a cheaper version anniversary with AUS 8 but it’s completely different geometry than pictured knife.

Here you go…

That’s the trance
Talking about somone who purchased the KAL