Knives, Knives, Knives!

Your sharp commentary and cutting reviews, welcome below.

THANK YOU! Now my large and medium Vaquero collection is complete! Please sell the XL Vaqueros next or the Spartan model please.

I’ll work on it!

What’s up with the Brass Knuckles?

They’re plastic.

Cold Steel Voyagers are ounce for ounce, dollar for dollar some of the best folding knives you can buy. I’m not a fan of this particular blade shape but I can understand why some people might like them.

Here is one of the most complete reviews you are likely to find.

For the money I really like the Shrade fixed blade. Though that sheath is laughable. I’ve gotten into making my own knives lately, so I might use some left over kydex to make a new sheath for them and hand them out as Christmas gifts.

Not brass. I just bought the straight edge one a while back, I like it. It is so damn small and light, and the plastic knuckle sheath also has a flashlight in it.

I’m not a fan either, partly because I don’t understand the benefit of it over any other style. An explanation would be much appreciated.

This is my first year Duck and Pheasant hunting , are any of these knifes good for harvesting you catch.

Note on brass knuckles, they do not fit like brass knuckles haha. It’s plastic, but if it helps, its some kind of fancy durable plastic with a long name.

But the mall ninja in me likes how it looks as a utility necklace.

The LED light might be the best thing on this.

I live in the Midwest and clean Pheasants and duck almost every weekend. I used a Kershaw from woot last weekend, worked awesome. You can use any pocket knife as long as it has a good sharp blade. These would work fine.

Absolutely, just be carefull the Cold Steel are wicked sharp!


I can’t believe the Cold Steel hasn’t sold out! Cold Steel is normally way above my price range, ranging from the low end around $50 to the high…well, its too high for me to be looking at. These things have Jap Aus8, and I can’t wait 'til my 9" arrives!!!

Cold Steel fact:

Today is their birthday!

I ordered the large Cold Steel straight edge last time offered, it was delivered the other day - still waiting on the serrated edge smaller knife.

I was skeptical, but Cold Steel has made a believer out of me, I shaved (pun intended) 15 full minutes off my best time fully field dressing a deer with that knife (I had forgotten my kit and that is all I happened to have on me when I took her down).

Amazing knife, and at this price it is almost a steal.

Bought the medium size last week.
Love it ! Tough to beat for the money. Buying the large size tonight. Extremely sharp & a solid lock-up mechanism.

just a note on the schrade knives and their plastic “knuckle duster” its a misdemeanor to sell these in california. a google search will bring up the calif. p.c., so WOOT your in trouble. to save yourself i suggest you sell us even more knives!! +1 on the xl voyager!!

*california penal code 12020

What’s better a straight blade or serrated one? I live in Houston and just want one to carry around. Also size preference? Ty