Knives & Multi-Tools!

What type of steel is used to make the blade in each knife?

Whenever they don’t list the blade material and the knife is pretty cheap, I assume that it’ll be a 440A - a fairly cheap steel that’s corrosion resistant, relatively soft but easier to sharpen.

Is that blood on the Winchester blade?

Cool design but the blade handle is heavy steel. To clunky and heavy to carry. The carabiner clip is interesting but fairly non-functional. I would pass on this one.

Will Woot be selling Cold Steel knives anytime soon?

$13.51 on Amazon (fre shipping @ $25)
Here it is $13.99 with the $5 shipping.

Re: Yukon Outfitters MG-C030 Multi-Function Tool and Knife Kit.
The set I received had a couple of glaring problems. First, the picture shows a (potentially) usable #2 screwdriver bit while the one I received is just a 1/4" square post for attaching the drive bits. Second, the sheath was put together so horribly the foam lining is exposed because the outer layer is misaligned and it’s sewn to nothing leaving it flapping in the wind. The pliers seem to be of decent enough quality for me to not waste time returning them as is the same with the knife.

sorry to hear that.
i understand what you mean about using time to return the item, but keep in mind you’ve got the 1 year warranty through Yukon Outfitters. by the sound of it, the item arrived in less-than-optimal condition.

so if you change your mind, contact YO or email so we can assist.

Also Re: Yukon Outfitters MG-C030 Multi-Function Tool and Knife Kit, which I just received from the previous offering.

There’s no locking mechanism for the flip out tools on the Multi-Tool. And with the curved handles, when the tools are flipped out, they’re at an angle to handles (ie not in-line as with, say, a Leatherman’s). While I haven’t tried using them yet, my previous experience with older non-locking multi-tools gives me pause when seeing these angled tool alignment.

That said, the pliers (form) seems comfortable and the spring loaded handles are nice. The spring is exposed though, so I’ll have to see how long that lasts before it gets snagged.

The knife also has a good feel. Easy to open one-handed with the thumb stud, unlike the Gerber Obsidian which I had also gotten recently.

I have the Gerber Vallotton, and it works well. The only problem is the locking switch doesn’t really lock and I’ve had it open in my pocket a few times. Good for a toolbox and such, not so much for the pants…

Not surprised. Try googling Yukon Outfitters. It’s like they only exist on woot sales and a few hammocks on amazon. Their website looks like a 5 year old designed it and it’s not even functional. Good call on the review though.

Did anybody order the Gerber 31-000374 Descent II Partially Serrated Knife and receive it? I have tried ordering one twice from Sport Woot when offered and each time they snt me a different knife.