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NOTE: The blades and components in the “Yukon Outfitters MG-C030 Multi-Function Tool” do not lock open - I wasted $20 the last time this was offered :frowning:

I bought the Gerber 22-41528 Vallotton Assisted-Open Knife last time Woot had this product. It’s a nice knife for the price. I didn’t realize that the handle was plastic. I should have known better for 12 bucks. The spring assist is very cool. It’s lightweight. Just be aware that the knife as a whole is very small.

Anymore coldsteel products coming soon? pweeeease

Gerber Descent II

It looks cool but the blade and frame are overly heavy. The design makes it bulky in the pocket.

The the pseudo carabiner clip thing is of poor design. It opens at the spot it hangs. If you hang it from a belt loop or your pack or whatever and you accidently brush the opener slide (does not lock in place) there goes the knife.

Also because of the way the opener is on the side of the knife, if you have the knife clipped in your pocket, it will scratch your hand when you put your hand in your pocket.

The blade is made of unmentionable steel. That is to say, Gerber thinks so highly of it, the type of steel is not mentioned anywhere.

It is not comfortable in the hand or in the pocket.

On the plus side, out of the box, the blade is razor sharp.

I can confidently tell you to pass on this knife.

Thanks for the review. Kept me from buying it since you confirmed my suspicions.

I can second that the opener on the side is rough when digging through the pocket the knife is in.

A bigger issue for me is the long term usability of the slide lock / unlock. I’ve had a Gerber knife with the same spring assisted side lock opening mechanism for 5 or 6 years now. The knife has held up well, the lock on the side, not so much. It likes to get stuck in the lock position while the knife is out, preventing it from being closed. I have to use a key or something solid to pry it loose so I can close the knife. I don’t abuse this knife and it has just been casually used, but no amount of cleaning and oiling has fixed the lock on the side.

Like the parent post, I’d advise against getting this knife. It’s not bad for $12, but there are plenty of other ways to spend $12 on woot that would be a smarter purchase.

For instance, I would recommend a knife like this for a similar price (cheaper if you consider shipping): Still a plastic handle but overall a good deal.