Knives Out



look at all the pointy things!

y’all usually provide great input when we offer knives.

so instead of asking a question, i’ll just tell you that my brother once stabbed himself in the chest with a steak knife. he was using the knife to disable a smoke alarm. he was standing on a barstool. he fell.

we got a phone call from him. he was at the hospital. “i just want you to know i love you.”

we can laugh about it now. boy, we do like to give him a good ribbing!

please don’t call my brother stupid.


Anyone know anything about these knives? I need a good new sharp one.


It says crimson, but it looks pink?


It depends on how good or sharp you want it to be. These are probably worth the money, but I wouldn’t expect them to hold an edge. They don’t cost enough.


knives are alright… i use em for work daily just horn them and be ok… side note the electric knive sharpener is fantastic


So a while ago I bought the Kuhn Rikon paring knife that you see in the giraffe set, only in purple, for my bartending travel kit (I have an excellent Wustoff paring knife, but was not going to take it on gigs with me). It cost $12 at the local bartending supply place ($10 on Amazon). it went missing after an event at the House of Blues in Boston last October. I went out and got myself another one right the very next day. I still have it, but anticipating another loss, I bought the Giraffe set that is in this sale (only in the Leopard print) during the last Woot-Off, because I really love these knives.

Note: They are not OMG sort of knives; I have about $300 in Wustoff (5 knives), and I know OMG knives. That said, these are good knives, reliable, very sharp, they keep their edges a while abd can be sharpened, the covers are really secure and will not slip off in a picnic bag or travel kit, they are distinctive (If I say behind a bar, “Where are my damn leopard knife,” people know, which might not be an issue for you but I find handy).

I do not take the large knife, because it’s a travel kit, but I really like having the small cleaver and the paring knife, and I have been nothing but pleased with them…and even more so because the set was $13; just a dollar more than the paring knife on its own.


Hate to say it but the chef knife can be had for $29.96 on Amazon shipped with prime.


Does anyone have the Cat Cora Santoku? Is the blade forged or stamped?


The Plus deals are select deals of product that we can’t sell on the main sites for various reasons like it being too niche or the small quantities available.

They’re generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping.

As always, we know our wooters are serious consumers and will hunt down the best price available. We expect no less of you.

Hope that helps. Happy shopping!


I got the bamboo knife dock during a previous woot-off and I love it. I have a stash of steak knives that I was keeping in the original boxes in my drawer because they were too sharp to just put in my utensil drawer and too many for my knife block. This is perfect, and takes up a lot less room than the boxes. Since it is totally flexible in how you arrange the knives, I was able to fit nine knives in it (all squished in, but it didn’t matter). I could probably fit a couple more in, but the blade tips wouldn’t be covered. I highly recommend it.


TruBamboo 2-Piece Fish Board Set - I bought these during the last Woot Off. They are small but useful when cutting mutliple items during meal preperation, when more than 1 cutting board is needed.


I wonder if the title is a little homage to Radiohead?


“the high carbon content in the stainless steel blade makes the knives resistant to corrosion.”

Actually, Woot has it backwards. The SS helps the high carbon steel not corrode…


I work in a small kitchen, and my boss bought the set of Wolfgang Puck scissors at a Ross/Marshall’s/Homegoods store for a lot less. They are constantly coming apart at the hinge, while they are sharp I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Plus, who needs a pair of scissors just for herbs?


Sounds like he already gave himself a good ribbing. Glad to hear that he’s alright, though.


I bought the Pro Edge Elite Knife Sharpener recently on Woot. While I have some really great knives I cannot claim any status as a pro knife sharpener, in fact this is the first sharpener I have owned other than a standard whet stone (which are way too much work for as many knives as I have an use). Anyway so far so good, 6 or 8 swipes per knife on the Fine side and they seem good as new…but then again what they heck do I know? Seriously I know very little…but it seems to work pretty darn good for my Whustoff knife set as well as my pocket knives.


I am nearly positive that they are forged although I cannot speak to the quality of the knife…I mean after all they are branded after Cat Cora, a chef who has been criticized by many top chefs as being way over hyped.

Of course I would guess she probably had little to do with actually MAKING the knife so I say what the heck go for it! Plus if you saw her recent mug shot from her DUI arrest (which is HOT), you could think of her every time you cut something…worth every penny.


“Forged or stamped” may have meant something thirty years ago, but now there are cheap crappy $15 forged knives and terrific cut-from-sheet-steel knives (see Shun, Global, etc.).

The only people who claim forged knives are superior these days are the ones selling them.


I was hoping someone had some more educated input on the knife shaperner as I know NOTHING. My Dh sharpens ours with a stone & wants some stone thing for his bday with has 3 stone with various grit & all that. So I am not sure if he wants to do the sharpening manually like a meditating thing OR if he thinks buying a good electric is “too expensive” so I am not sure if I should jump or not. He’s also a fan of gadgets though too. I was trying to educate myself (very poorly) as to pros & cons & a number of what appear to be “purists” say you can’t go electric or eventually it ruins your edge & gives you a duller edge & removes metal. But this things says it does NOT remove metal. I can’t even wrap my brain around HOW you sharpen without removing metal as my only reference in sharpening is pencils. LOL ANYONE who can help me here on ANY of this would be a real hero. :stuck_out_tongue: