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Are the Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30348/184 Twin Cuisine 7" Santoku Knife, forged or stamped metal blades?

They are forged.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Kershaw is my go to every day carry knife. Awesome

Don’t know what that has to do with this sale…maybe you oughta start carrying a Ginsu…

Oh wow the timing on this is perfect.

I just picked up a nice Wüsthof set with block last week and it didn’t come with any steak knives. The 4 steak knife set is a good 50 bucks cheaper than on Amazon. Time to fill those empty slots.

How is the Rosle stuff? Looking at the chef knife


I don’t think you will be disappointed. I bought a couple sets from woot recently, and I dig them. The only thing that would make them better is if they matched my black-handled Wusthof knives. Oh well.

The Shun Edo knives in the other sale are giving me palpitations, though. Just another level above my knives, not that better knives will actually make a better cook. Heh.

I don’t know, I am kind of dissapointed in the steak knife set. They look and feel cheap compared to the rest of my Wusthoffs, but to be fair those are the Classic Ikons which do cost a bit more.

FWIW, these do function very well, and the red does give my knife strip a nice pop of color.

I actually just got the Rosle chef I ordered from woot in the mail today. It seems to be very nice and sturdy, good weight and very sharp. Haven’t used it yet, but I’m genuinely looking forward to it, I have a feeling it will be a pleasure to work with.

Edit: Also, side note, the packaging was delightfully easy to open. The Henckles santoku I got was a nightmare to open, I thought I was going to cut myself or damage the knife in the process.

Second edit: I have cut myself on the Rosle two times in as many days, it is VERY sharp, nice quality steel. Haven’t even tried the santoku yet, meaning the Rosle is already my go-to I guess.

Great, thanks for your reply. Please post a follow up – am interested to know.

Just got this set in the mail, and I’m very happy with the purchase. They’re sharp, have a nice weight, and the ultimate knife judge in the house (the boyfriend) gives his stamp of approval. With proper care, these knives should last me for a long time :slight_smile:

COME BACK! Which one?

I had a little bit of difficulty with an onion for some reason, I guess because I’m used to my wimpy 6" chef, the 8" felt like a lot to handle! But it chops nicely, is extremely sharp, slides through an apple like butter. Just handle carefully, particularly when washing.

Just got mine in the mail and had to buy more. These things are sharp and have a great weight to them. A great purchase :slight_smile:

The Shun Edo knives in the other sale are giving me palpitations, though. Just another level above my knives, not that better knives will actually make a better cook. Heh.

They aren’t really ‘better’, just different.
The Shun use a harder more brittle edged steel. They’ll hold an edge from the box for longer, but be more difficult to hone and resharpen.

Wusthof are very much the workhorse of the kitchen. They are able to hold an edge for an acceptable time, and have an absolutely (in my opinion) perfect balance of weight and duration of edge that still enables you to hone it back to new again and again, and even completely resharpen if you should desire to yourself.
It’s old school. The kind of thing you truly will have for your whole life, and maybe give to your grandchildren.

I feel like I might say this every time these sell alongside each other.
Shun makes excellent knives, but I wouldn’t want to work with them. I see a lot of chipped Shuns with the tips missing in the work place. The metal is so rock hard that they simply can’t handle very much abuse.

They’re too expensive for me to buy myself for the home where I can be a little more careful with them, but when I know what I do about my Wusthofs I can’t justify it.

I’d be pleased with one as a gift.

For this sale, that 8" Henckels Chef’s knife is an absolute bargain.

I wonder if they’re the ‘B Grade’ ones they sell on Amazon? I believe they’re seconds, with minor cosmetic blemishes? Woot?

Doh! Sorry, I just read the description more carefully. It is.