Not to be nitpicky but on the Bear and Son 65051 Wood Stag Derlin 6.5" Slim Skinner with Leather Sheath, should that actually say Delrin, or is it a new kind of material called Derlin?


I’ll get 'em to fix it.

Changeable Blades

Grasp the handle with your right hand; with your forefinger, press upwards on the underside of the Quick-Lock mechanism. Then, with your thumb, push the mechanism up into the open position. The blade or tool can be removed from the “bow tie” and a new blade or tool seated onto the “bow tie” (when seating the blade or tool onto the “bow tie” make sure to guide it into place top edge first, if you attempt to start with the bottom edge of the blade or tool the locking mechanism may not return to its down position). Complete the task by returning the mechanism to its closed (down) position.

That’s a quote from the KershawStore about how to change the blades. A lot of mixed reviews over the set, mainly people complaining the set is cheaper made and comes from China while there older set that came with one handle was made in Japan and made much better. Also the KershawStore is having it on a one day sale as well for $59.99 thought I would toss that in incase it sales out here.


These Knifes are AWESOME, I got a fixed blade one last time and it works well with my proper applications!

best of all its affordable and MADE IN THE USA