Knock Knock “Hell is Other People” Journal

this should have had free shipping that’s for damn sure!

Seriously, these are like .25-.75 cents in back to school bins in any walmart, target, etc.

naw, good deal if you get 3…5 bucks for 3 bound books is a great deal

oh god it’s the 2% bought two people again

Haha $.01. I thought my wootalyzer text was screwing up

I love all the people who just can’t grasp the concept of 5 dollar flat rate shipping.


my martial arts technique journal is almost out of pages. thank you woot!

Come on man


Hell is this item.

I got these for my teenage grandson…think they’ll let him have them in school???

ps - he lives in BARSTOW - yuck! poor kid…

people. they’re the worst.

O god, this is my first woot ever and I accidently didn’t click 3, instead only 1.
what a great way to start wooting…

I am sad :<

I loved that play!

I’d buy these if I could buy like, 3 packs of 2. Or shipping was $2. I can think of a few people who would enjoy them as gifts.

My motto is “I hate people”, so how could I not be in for 3…?!

honestly I have no idea what compelled me to order these…

Seriously wish I could get more than three. I know far too many people who work in customer service who would appreciate the sentiment (admittedly, some of them won’t recognize the source, but they’d still like it).

In for three yet again! These are hilarious an perfect for a bonus item for Christmas gifts that need an extra item.