Knock, Knock

Orange you glad it’s not a banana now?

this shirt is just bananas…and an orange

Repetition knock knocks FTW… I foresee this doing well for children

It’s the banana joke!

1: “Knock knock!”
2: “Who’s there!”
1: “Banana.”
2: “Banana who?”
1: “Knock knock!”
2: “Who’s there!”
1: “Banana.”
2: “Banana who?”
1: “Knock knock!”
2: “Who’s there!”
1: “Banana.”
2: “Banana who?”
1: “Knock knock!”
2: “Who’s there!”
1: “Orange.”
2: “Orange who?”
1: “Orange you glad I didn’t say ‘banana’?”


Excellent, I’ve been torturing my kids with this joke for the past 2 weeks!

I like this shirt!

Ha ha! I love the design, but I think it would look better on a different color.

Orange you glad it isn’t a Banana or Cream colored shirt??

Hell yes I’m in for 1

i love it! “orange you glad i didn’t say banana?” lol, great childhood memories.

having said that, i probably wouldn’t wear this shirt as i’m no longer a child.

Devo would be proud!

…wait, what?

(late to the party)

Go Central time zone!

This is cute, though that orange could really use some acne cream

For some reason I want Wile E. Coyote to answer the door…

Congrats on the print, Nathan!

I’ve doodled banana-guys like this before. They’re funny because of their awkward stance and the undeniable phallic symbolism.

I so have to order one for my son. He knows two knock knock jokes… this one and “boo” “boo who?” “don’t cry it’s only me”

Where’s the punch in the face? I mean, whenever I hear this joke there’s a punch in the face. Example

Knock Knock
Who’s there
If you tell that goddamn banana joke again I am going to punch you in the face


Knock knock!
Who’s There?
“Banana” who?
Dude, how many people named “Banana” do you know??
Three, actually.