Knotty Owl

Grats Oakenspirit. This is a definite buy for me. :slight_smile:

Nicely intricate…tomorrow will be the gold/silver tie breaker.

House Owl


Owl have to think about this one. Great design though.

I do knot think you could have made it any better. Owl say you did great!

Man, not another Doctor Whoooooo shirt.

Woot! I clicked the links to the mind-shattering news stories SO MANY TIMES but the articles never loaded-

Thanks so much for getting my design printed! I adore you all- :wink: To celebrate, I am giving away free shirts on my facebook page- Click my face below for the AMAZING DETAILS-

…sweet irony-

The design is gorgeous. Somehow even being silver colored the celtic knots manage to look like organic vines, twisting to shape the owl.

As for that Headlines 101 course, sounds like something everyone on buzzfeed took too. It’s stupid annoying. Don’t try to be buzzfeed Woot.

Knot bad!

Handsome shirt. Congrats fellow spirit!

Good to see you print today after a few close calls.

Love the shirt.

Awesome idea! Congrats on the win, Oakenspirit. WOOT! :slight_smile:

Folks at shirt.woot hate me because I was able to save 85% on my metallic ink owl shirt using this one weird trick.

Congrats buddy, you’re on fire!

Congrats on the print Oakie !!! You’re on a roll…

Congrats Oakenspirit! Great design!

Thanks so much for all of the kind words guys. I am so happy you dig my lil owl. Today has been such a hootenanny!

Congrats Oakenspirit, Awesome work!