Know Your Dragons

A dragon for every adventure, dungeon or otherwise.

That spirit dragon bears a striking resemblance to Divinegon from the Dragon Warrior series, but surely that would be too obscure?

Love the design! Don’t need another tshirt. Will this be coming out in any other form?

Great work letterq! Congrats on the print.


Sweet 9pc, congrats Letter-Q. :^)

Thanx guys! <3

There’s a dragon that should have been included on the end (last dragon)… a cartoon Bruce Lee would have made this shirt.

Point of order: The dragon in Jabberwocky was called a Jabberwock, not a Jabberwocky.

A word on the quality of the shirts Woot is offering; the “standard” brand is of exceptionally poor quality. The “premium” is also very poor quality, as one of the suppliers is Canvas, Bella-Canvas. These Canvas shirts stretch out around the neck collar very quickly, even after a single wash.
Woot does not offer American Apparel any longer. You will notice the difference very easily. If you have any shirts you have previously ordered from Woot, do the comparison yourself.

I had a feeling about this one- Your style really shines here. Grats ace.

Thanx mate… I wasnt so sure… it came from behind (didnt get much votes during the first hours) and there were some serious contenders this week…

Thanks for the imput!!

Woot held out for as long as they could. With AA ceasing production in January, inventory became an issue.

My .sig links to the discussion thread when the changeover occurred at the beginning of April. In that thread, I’ve commented that yes, the neck is looser, though at least it’s not as loose as the Anvil shirts of yore.