Know Your Enemy

The cuter the critter, the deadlier the weapon? Usually koalas top the Down Under cuteness scale, but that one’s down right frightening.

Who knew Down Under was so darn dangerous?

You just burst my cuteness bubble with that Koala.

This shirt just might kill you.

With our gun laws down under, it might be a little harder for our fauna to get said weapons, but if you are looking for more deadly creatures, look up brown snakes (one went for a swim ) blue ring octupus or funnel web spiders.
We have all the fun creatures down here

I thought this shirt was pretty awesome, until I got to numbers 7 and 8 and saw the improper uses of “a” instead of “an.” The fact that this made it through hurts my heart. :frowning:

You forgot the most deadly animal down unda’. The Cassowary. It’s pretty much today’s version of the Velociraptor.

my heart hurts also because i see an m-4 and not an m-16 as advertised.

My heart hurts because I see no features of the M4…doesn’t look like flat-top, no M203 launcher attach point, and the most obvious being no M4 feed ramps within the receiver. Had to bust out the x-ray vision for that last one :wink:

My heart truly does hurt because of the a/an debacle. Not that I would do any better…


That’s not a knife.

Awesome shirt.

I grew up in NZ. I remember spending a month camping my way up the east coast of Australia and being astonished at the number of deadly critters on land and in the water.

Clearly England really did send their most dangerous down under.

“an M-16” and “an RPG” … kind of a deal breaker for me if I take issue with the grammar.

Another point in NZ’s favor–post office stamps letters as coming from Middle Earth!

As someone said, leaving the common brown snake and the funnel web spider off the list seems like poor form, plus is would have been funnier with more serious build-up to the punchline. But the one that convinces me that I don’t want to visit is that they have ants that are basically hornets without wings.

After dating someone with a Cockatoo for the past year, believe me, they doesn’t need blades. From his talons piercing my flesh when his nails aren’t trimmed, to his loud screaming bursting my ear drums, to his beak that will rip though pieces of wood as easily as it would my body, he is a killing machine… I’m just lucky he likes me and doesn’t intentionally try to kill me.

This shirt is awesome.

I heartily agree. Very funny concept, great execution…but as a proofreader, I make it a point not to wear grammatically incorrect clothing. Sorry, Blair Sayer!

The mention of the Emu reminded me of this that needs to be shared: