Know Your Moons

I’m not geeky enough. I thought it was PacMan at first. Oops.

“That’s No Moon!”

“I concur. That’s clearly an albino pacman. It’s very rare to spot one in the wild. My, what a magnificent specimen!”

edit: seriously, beaten to the punch by seconds? asd;fijasd;fj

Yep. “Pacman or Death Star is the real question” was to be my comment.

Actually, I like it better as a slightly artsy Pacman, but it should be aimed at the other moon versions.

You know, I’ve never noticed before but the Death Star looks a lot like Pac Man…

Like the design all innocent and educational then… BAM the ultimate weapon.

How nice; you rarely see the gibbous moon correctly identified.

Beware the dark side of the moon.

Death Star: Is it really Pac Man or the space ship from Heavy Metal? You decide.

Yeah, Dark Side of the Moon:

Now Californians have to pay sales tax for Amazon orders. Booooooooo.

Woot! Just in time to wear for my astronomy club meetings. The others SHALL be jealous.

Man, the write up today ends on a really dark note. Or is that “dark side” note.

Am I the only one searching in vain for a pair of buttocks?.. Just me, then. O.K. But really, if this is going to be a complete tutorial on the phases of the moon… I’m just sayin.

Um… no, I was trying to see how that could be buttocks as well.

We have this children’s book, which correctly identifies the Gibbous moon… so my son at two started trying to point out the different ones. At three… he knows them. As we can see them in the day sometimes, he’ll speak of them in public, and well… you can imagine the reaction.

What does it say about me that I knew exactly what text had to be underneath that last “moon” just from a brief glance at the facebook thumbnail?

This is excellent. I love the moon in all it’s phases.

Death Star happened a long time ago. I think it’s Pac Man that looks like the Death Star.

Ah, the good old ‘grid with a joke in the final cell’ scheme. Throw in a little ‘Star Wars’ and I’m laughing my moon off.

Great shirt! Wish they had it in blue/navy blue.