Kobian Hipbudz Antimicrobial Noise Canceling Stereo Buds

inline volume, no thanks.

Now I can share my earbuds with strangers!


these earbuds are antimicrobial? do they come with earwax?

first time wooter… can you combine items for shipping, or is it 5 bucks per item?

id share your buds anyday

I can listen to music and not get sick of it!

What’s the quality of these?

My earbuds just broke.

If you want true noise canceling headphones, go find some ones that use “active” noise canceling. They’re much better and can remove voice instead of just static. These are nice headphones, but don’t buy them for the cancellation feature.

yes you can combine

Buy three, they all ship for 5 dollars.

i’m calling out i better get something better that this

Combined for 1, 2, or 3.

Bad reviews on Amazon. Broke after a week.

5 dollars if u get 1 or 3. Go 3

combine up to 3 of any one item. no combining multiple items.

$5 combined

10 hour flight coming up. Cheap and noise canceling? Give it a shot.

5 dollars for 1, 2 or 3