Kobot Robotic Vacuum w/Auto Recharge (Your Choice)

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Kobot Robotic Vacuum w/Auto Recharge (Your Choice)
Price: $99.99
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Thanks. But none seem to compare it to a Roomba. I have good experiences with a 5-year old Roomba and would like to know if this could replace it (I lost it in the divorce.)

My mom uses both a Mint (which uses disposable wet or dry pads) and a Neato XV-21 (which is a vacuum). This looks like a combination of both, which is a nice idea. I wonder how well it works.

Amazon reviews aren’t good. Looks like there are a couple of fake reviews there to bump up the rating and it’s still not good…

2 neto’s here (basement and 1st floor). Oldest is 5 years old and 1 new battery so far. 1st floor is 3. Do have a scooba. If Roomba’s navigate and perform the same way as it’s big brother, I’ll stick with my neto’s. :slight_smile:

One has to ask, whats the point? It’s dragging a wet rag around so think about pushing a mop around without rinsing the dirt out. If your floor is already kinda clean, no big deal, but I have hard wood floors throughout my 1st floor. I’d say in the winter or after a few days of rain, it’s just smearing the muck from one spot to another. You can tie a wet town behind a NONE-Mopping robot and get the same results. But at 99 bucks, might be nice for a signal person who doesn’t want to vacuum and mop.

We gave up and use a Broomba. Works better and is faster.

I had a Roomba and then when that went I got a Neato. I couldn’t believe I ever thought the Roomba ever did a good job with it’s randomness. The Neato is amazing with its far more accurate vacuuming. I am in the market for another one but if this is anything like the Roomba just bouncing around I wouldn’t waste my money. I’ll wait for another Neato to pop up as that is well worth the money even if this is only $99.

I used to have a Neato. One time my cat crapped on the floor, and the Neato drove over it… It drew dotted crap lines all over the floor. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper. It really stunk having to clean that thing. Other than that and the fact that It just stopped working, it was pretty effective. contemplating trying this for $99.

This looks suspiciously like our Teckno Super Maid. Looks like another knock off that sells under various names. We got ours as a gift so I’ll be frank. (I think ours is an older, simpler version without the brushes)

It does pick up stuff, as in I have to empty the bin. We have a beagle so it does seem to cut down on fur tumbleweeds in the open areas. HOWEVER, ours can’t manage any rugs or thresholds. Flat areas only. There are no sensors. It’s just a bump, reverse, turn slightly, proceed kind of operation. Due to the simple programming it’ll sometimes find 3-4 points where it’ll just bump-bump-bump and just go in a loop until dead. Also, the pad attached is for like a Swiffer. We’ve never even tried to attach a pad to it.

Again, ours is an older model and at 100 bucks I’m kind of intrigued at the upgrades this one has (brushes, auto charging, etc)

Got a refurb Neato (I believe an older Cosco special) in a meh box - couldn’t believe how amazing it worked!

Researching the thing on forums seems many agree with your opinion that Neatos are much better than Roombas - better tech and nicely priced!

I would get a Neato based on my experience.

The description says that it uses wet or dry clothes for cleaning. Whose clothes does it use?

Mine vacuums for about 5 minutes before shutting off the vacuum and heads to it’s charger. Not even close to getting the whole room done…Maybe I’ll try getting another battery…

…that is, if I can even find a replacement battery for this. So far, this thing is worthless!

I loved my roomba! This one is horrible. No brushes on the bottom, only a 1 inch space to suck up stuff (which it doesn’t do anyways), it does not stop on stairs (falls right down), and it has trouble finding the charging base. You’d get more out of a lint roller or feather duster.

Well I bought this unit on 9/6/16 received it around 9/14/16. Worked fine for the 3-4 times we used it. Then all of a sudden the vacuum part of the until stopped working. Called the Manufacturer and they said i need to contact Woot about the warranty. Of course no Telephone # to call and speak to someone. Email only. So now lets see what Woot has to say. No even 30 days since I received the unit and its stopped working

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. Woot CS emails are notorious for getting caught in Spam filters, so be sure to check your email’s Spam folder as you wait to hear back.