Kobra 100 LED UV Flashlight

What is the wavelength of the emitted UV light??

How many and what type of batteries does it take?

I cannot speak specifically to the quality of this particular light.

However, we have a very similar model from a different source. Our use case was pet “accident” tracking. The UV light is scarily effective at highlighting organic fluids. So much so that you’ll be wanting to pull up your carpets.

Knowing the wavelength of the light would be really helpful, “UV” is a pretty broad definition. It’s like saying a food is “low in sugar”, it’s more of an opinion than a fact.

Honestly though this looks like it just might be a clump of (possibly cheap) UV LEDs hooked up directly to a battery. I have something like that here, those are notoriously low luminance, useless wavelength, and have poor directivity. My cree UV single large LED flashlight works MUCH better in all regards.

If anyone gets more info on this one, please post, thx.

BTW, the MSRP appears to be $35 IF they come with the yellow protective glasses. I don’t see them on this listing. Without the glasses, MSRP is closer to $20. Which is what it will cost you here for one, shipped.

Yup; wavelength. Need the wavelength to make any sort of an intelligent purchase decision.

There’s one that appears to be the same at Amazon

Product Specifications - Bulb Type: LED 390 to 395nm - Bulb Life: 100,000 Hrs - Body Material: Aluminum With “O” Rings For Water Resistance - Battery: 6 x AA Battery (not Included) - Battery Life: Aprox. 20 hours On 6 AA batteries - Switch Type: Push On/Off Button - Weight: 445g

You can see violet in the LEDs, so it’s a longer (less “ultra”) wavelength. I have a 365 nm UV light, and the LEDs shine an eerie white, even as it lights up brighteners and certain other materials with a violet color. That’s probably the plastic absorbing and re-emitting multiple visible wavelengths.

Maybe I missed it, but are batteries included with this flashlight?

Batteries are not included :frowning:

Who needs a UV light this big? Do you really need to see more bodily fluid evidence in your hotel room?

Now I can finally track down that pesky neon leak that’s been eluding me all these years! Do bears crap in the woods? I’m not sure but I can tell you exactly where they pee. Turns out that antifreeze was leaking from the radiator! Who knew!? Pro tip: Never turn it on in your hotel room.

Haha. Totally. The lesser of three gross-outs.

Would this work well to cure UV glue?

Also, great for finding Scorpions. They light up nice and bright!

Two weeks to ship??? It MUST be coming from. Oh. Nevermind. I think it probably is. Sigh.