Kobra Bluetooth Mini OBD2 Wireless Car Code Scanner Tool

I wonder if it works with the Torque App?

Why does this NOT work with Apple products?

Because it’s bluetooth. Apple doesn’t provide a driver to talk to it. (i.e. bluetooth serial port)

It says it does right in the description.

Does this allow you to reset the computer or is it just read-only?

Thoust should read fully the product description!
" You will be able to clear the “Check Engine” light indication and other trouble codes, effortlessly!"

Because Apple SUCKS!!

This is $1 cheaper than the cheapest one on Amazon. All cheap blue plastic ELM327 models are pretty much the same. If you use your Amazon acct to buy it here, it ships free.

Of course, for the extra dollar through Prime, you will get it in 2 days, compared to “whenever.”

Regardless of where you get it, every household needs one to avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous repair shops.

Also, ANY ELM327 dongle like this will work with ANY OBDII Android app.

Just don’t bother with any of them besides Torque Pro or DashCommand if you know anything about cars. Most of the others are “dumbed down” for the average idiot.

I like Torque Pro because I value my money, but DashCommand is great, they are just too damn proud of their app!

jaburg does this do any ABS scans?