Kobra Products 51 LED UV Flashlight

Meh. Same price as Amazon. Except no free S&H here.

Well drat. That’s no good. We’ve lowered the price to $9.99. Now go buy 3.

If you already purchased, the money will hop back in your pocket soonish.

I used to use one of these to hunt scorpions at night. The last year i lived in that house, I killed 108 scorps. It is amazing how bright they flouresce and how easy it is to see them at night. Carry a can of wasp spray, a large smashing hammer, and also a regular flashlight. Find them with the uv light, smash them if u can reach, if not, shoot them with the wasp spray and the drop to the ground where u can smash them. Ise reg flashlight to make sure they are dead. I used a 4" x 4" block of wood that was like a foot long to smash them.

You’re amazing.