Kobra Wifi OBD2 Wireless Car Code Scanner Tool

Very few iPhone applications can connect to this device since it uses WiFi to connect. Most applications are programmed to connect via Bluetooth. Beside that it works very well.

It works with a TON of apps. The most popular free Android apps are: Torque Lite, OBD Link, ScanMaster Lite, OBD Car Doctor, and the most popular paid Android apps are Torque Pro and Dash Command. For Apple devices the most popular free apps are: OBD Auto Doctor, OBD Car Doctor and the most popular paid app is DashCommand and OBD Fusion.

I have this exact device. Works great. Bluetooth setup was a little janky at first, but it worked eventually and the issue might have been with my phone.

Can I clear check engine alarms with this?
Edit: Yes. Yes you can.

Junk. I gave up on the Bluetooth and spent a hour on connecting it to Wifi. Then it only read so many codes on my Jeep 08. Bought another one for a little more that works great.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

It’s ok. A few gotchas. First it doesn’t have it’s own app. There a few apps out there but only the pay for ones are good. And they cost about as much as the device. Second it uses WIFI and so you can’t use GPS or stream music while your connected. I disconnected it and will plug it in if my engine light comes on to see what is going on but other than that not going to use it.