Kodak 12 Megapixel Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Seems like a decent deal.

shoot, i was almost sure it was going to be a random bag of stuff :frowning:

Dang, I need a good camera, and this is a great price… now if only mrsbill will let me!


oh, c’mon - now they are giving them away at these prices!! How on earth does Woot make any money?!!

Not too hot on Kodak cameras.

Not only the same item as a few days ago, its the same write-up too!


I recall the reviews on this saying the picture quality was not that great but other than that it is a good camera.

Non-rechargeable batteries = boo

My contacts melted to my eyes waiting on something useful or a random box of cookies…Now time to use one of the knives to pry them off my eyeballs. And wine from the last winewoot for the pain.

yawn. Buy.com has it for $5 more all in. Boring product, boring deal.

I just bought this on here a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty versatile.

haha me too! i was convinced it would be a BOC

I didn’t think they ever changed the writeup for a woot-off. All of the items I had seen before on the woot-off still had the same writeup.

I need a new camera but my old one is a Kodak and I hate it.

It’s a meh camera, but at the price not too bad. Last Kodak I bought from Woot was a 12 MP camera and it took pretty decent pics…

Thank you! I posted then the deal was gone, I thought maybe my first post broke woot!

… and onto the next woot.

Comes with free packaged air