Kodak 12 Megapixel Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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Kodak 12 Megapixel Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kodak C190 12MP Digital Camera w/ 5X Optical Zoom, Smart Capture, Panorama Stitch & Face Detection

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here’s the product website

and the user manual

I’m looking to buy this for my mom. Any real-world mom tests? Easy to use?

looks like they are going for about $80 on ebay with free shipping:

Amazon has 'em for $102.54 after you add it to the cart:

One real simple camera, works great for me. The only negative thing I found is how fast it can eat batteries. High quality camera batteries work best.
just saw it comes with great batteries & a charger.

Very funny song parody… but, the sad reality is that the bastiches really DID finally take our Kodachrome away.

For real.

They discontinued it last year, maybe six months ago – it’s all gone from the pipeline, outdated rolls are selling for nosebleed prices on ebay – and, the ONLY remaining K14 lab – Dwayne’s, in Parsons, Kansas – will pull the plug on their K14 processing machine this fall.

Sic Semper Kodachrome… it’s the end of an era. There is nothing, NOTHING at all that comes close to what Kodachrome IS. Either digital or silver, there is NOTHING that matches this unique material.

It’s not just the unbelievable resolution (I’ve looked at it with 20-30x microscope and there was still more detail than I could see). It’s not just the incredible rendition, tonality, and gradation (it’s the only reversal film that could give portrait quality skin tone). It’s not just the longevity (long after all of us are gone and forgotten, our Kodachromes will still look as beautiful as the day they were processed – unlike chromogenic films which will have faded to the dustbin of history, and unlike digital which will eventually succumb to disk failure, accidental deletion, or format-obsolescence. Bits are transient).

If you are so lucky as to have a few rolls in your freezer, make sure to use them before they shut down the last processing line. You’ll have something to pass on to your grandchildren.

Simon and Garfunkle must be gritting their teeth.

(For more on this amazing invention, created BY two musicians in the 1930s, and killed long before its time due to the primacy of the beancounters, do a web search for “The Kodachrome Project” – I have NO affiliation with that site, but I highly recommend it as a resource for those who want to learn about the greatest imaging medium ever created.)

And, just to get SOME on-topic material into this rant, this looks like an updated version of the 12 MP Kodak P&S that I got here last year. If it’s of similar quality, I can tell you it will do beautiful work. No, not Kodachrome – nothing is Kodachrome – but, IMO it’s easily a match for pretty much any “normal” color film, and better than most.

It’s a nice little camera to toss into my pocket, capable of creating tack-sharp images that can make beautiful enlargements (how large? larger than I’m willing to pay in most cases! ;)) with excellent color quality.

Amazon reviews are not favorable

Too bad. I was looking for something like this.

If this behaves anything like mine, NO alkaline will deliver anything more than “emergency/utility use” (i.e., far fewer shots than a reasonable person would deem… reasonable), but, decent quality NiMH rechargeables will last for an amazing number of shots. (I think I was getting something like ten to fifteen shots per pair of new “good quality” alkalines – a bit more with “camera” quality – but, with the NiMH (low-self-discharge variety) I gave up counting. I’d be surprised if I got less than a hundred shots per charge.

Well they sold 3100 in a previous woot, and I really seen no complaints that were of anything other than a dead camera and some battery issues.

I say go for it.

I purchased this on the last Woot! It is my third compact digital and I am very happy with it. The enclosed NiMH batteries last a long time and if left in the smart mode takes great pictures as a simple point and click. Not recommended for its video capability past very simple, short shots.

What is the maximum SDHC card supported?

According to page 4 of the user’s guide, maximum capacity is 32 GB, here:

I bought this back in February(?) off of woot. I am really impressed with this camera. It has a lot of great options for shooting and the batteries last a good long time. If I could fix three things it would be:

a) the glare on the screen makes it hard to see the pictures in bright light (I’m also old school: I’d prefer to press the camera up to my eye, look through the lens and take the photo);

b) it doesn’t save to camera raw

c) it takes a lot of manual work to adjust the exposure if you want to take multiple shots of a subject.

MAX 32GB SDHC per the manual

Hi All…I have a question.

I owned the 3 MP version of this camera way back when and it was a great camera except that (1) it didn’t do low light well at all and (2) it didn’t have any sort of stabilization so any sort of movement of the camera made blurry pictures.

I also owned the 8 MP version. I tend to use it more because it has the stabilizers so even in low light the pictures turn out at least okay, but “grainy” is a good word since none of them have that really nice, crisp color either and another problem with it is the video - maybe just my camera but light in the lense causes these weird pink sparkles. (it looks like My Little Pony threw up or something if I’m filming a brightly lit lake scene, for instance)

And then I gave the 10 MP version to a friend. She likes it, but I would have to say that “grainy” also applies to it. No picture is truely the “crispness” of the 3 MP nor anything close to a film camera.

Can anyone compare the 12 MP to these earlier versions? How is the stabilizer, the color, the crispness, and the performance in low light?

Should I just start buying Cannons instead? My mom just got a really nice Cannon for only about twice as much, and the competitive streak in me hates to admit that my technologically challenged mother managed to best me in cameras, but I think she might have.

Grrrrreat post. You’ve made my day! (Nothing earth shattering - just made me feel good)

WTF? I never wrote anything 'bout “2008…”

That is funny…my experience with this line of Kodaks (though I do not have the 12 MP) is opposite. They rely strictly on voltage to decide whether or not to work. Since NiMH are lower voltage (1.2 V), they die very quickly. I generally use cheap alkalines (1.5-1.6V) or those really nice (and very expensive) Lithium ones that Energizer makes - also 1.5-1.6V, but a lot more mAHrs.

Speaking of, why do they not rate (non-rechargeable) batteries in mAHrs? That is the true number that tells you battery life. It is ridiculous that they don’t tell you that on most batteries…you either have to try find it from limited info on the internet or find it out from personal experience.

(Source: personal experience, degree in Electrical Engineering, 150 Hrs+ doing battery tests in a professional lab on a wide variety of batteries…AA and otherwise, 3 Kodak Easyshares [3 MP, 8 MP, and 10 MP], thousands of pictures, and a voltmeter.)