Kodak 14MP Digital Camera

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Kodak 14MP Digital Camera
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Hey ThunderThighs… I know it’s a bit off topic but when or how will we see the price reduction on the 32gb Touch for those of us in on the first wave? Do I need to contact anyone or will it happen automagically?

wow, I wish I had an extra 60 bucks, this is a great camera

It will happen automagically. I believe they do it as a refund to the charge. Or it could be that when the real charge is made, it will be for the actual amount. You may just be seeing the hold on your bank account.

If you don’t see anything in a couple days, email service@woot.com. They’re the ones in the know.

I bought this same camera from woot! a while ago and love, love, love it! We had a Fuji prior to this and it was a piece of crap. This takes great pics, is easy to use, and has a great zoom on it.

I only wish I would’ve waited, now it’s $10 less…

Do Kodak digital cameras still have USB connectors unlike anything else (only their cords fit their cameras)? I have a simpler (not as nice a lens) Kodak I bought for my daughter ~ 2 years ago. It isn’t a mini-USB, it isn’t a micro-USB. It’s just an annoying-USB.

Must have been a good one, it sold out just as I decided to purchase one.

bought this for my wife last time it was up on Woot. It’s a lot of camera for the money. nice lens, some nice features.

Believe it or not, most of the stuff I’ve put on PointsOfVideo.com (err… still getting it up; only been working on the site for a week)come from the predecessor to this:

Kodak z1085is

I usually use 5 to shoot a baseball game. I wouldn’t use it for still pictures, but 720p video is great. And since the 1085is is only 10MP, it works in low light as well.

If it was a Dslr I would probably consider it but snapshot cameras have never really intrigued me. =(

Was it not one of these?


Thanks TT!

DSLR, not at that price… though one or two often show up during Woot-offs.