Kodak 16MP Digital Camera w/ 5x Opt Zoom

$49 at Walmart.

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could be a good camera to have on hand that you don’t mind loosing. i wouldn’t mind taking it from you, either…it’s pretty sleek.

but for the touted functionalities, aside from the physical zoom and the whole “camera” look…i’d opt for a sony bloggie…and incarnation should do.

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Good night

Same price as on the mothership… 74.99 with “free super saver shipping”

Anyone know if it has a picture burst setting? I have to be able to hold the shutter down, have the camera take continuous shots for as long as I’m holding it. Otherwise I’d never get a good picture of my autistic 4 year old speedball.

I love my Canon Power-shot but this might be a good one to heave as a back up (Canon is currently being repaired and its absence hurts me.)

One more entry.
It’s a third party distributor (Electronics Club), so Woot’s not likely going to lower the price in comparison (but we’ll see):

Here’s the manual and I see a section “Using burst”.

Hope that helps.

You need a DSLR for the kind of shots you want to take. Neither the focusing system nor the buffer are set up for that kind of photography. It’s like the difference between a film camera motor drive and a simple film winder.

Your repeated shots may not “burst” fast enough and the shutter speed certainly will not be fast enough to stop action in anything other than bright light.

Folks, this is a 70-buck camera. No magic fairly dust here.

OK for snapshots, but not for extreme shooting, indoors “gym” action shots, low light hand-held work, etc.

You get what you pay for and you need to get the right tool for the job if you want to push the envelope.

I own the 12 MP version of the same camera & I really love it. It’s small, zoom works great & the screen is excelant. I say for the price ya can’t beat it.

I bought one at Walmart & it was junk! Everytime I put a sd card in it the camera would shut off! And it’s not the first Kodak camera I had that was junk! So needless to say I won’t buy Kodak cameras!

Amazon = $99.99

Ebay = 79.99

All above new in box. Found Referb for, $64.50


So Woot price is right if you like and want this camera. Here are 79 reviews to help you decide for yourself.


It is what it is, a snap shot point and shoot. It was never intended to push the envelope. I have filters for my SLR lens’s that cost as much as this camera but I still own and use a point and shoot too. You are right about indoor action shots but even a $600 camera body with a $400 zoom is not going to work with the pop up flash on that body. But for snap shots of the kids birthday party to outside scenes, these things have a place and they work well for what they are. Some jobs can be done with a hoe, some need a backhoe. Two entirely different tools for two entirely different jobs.

THAT is exactly my point. Many very casual photographers equate “digital” with “magic.” Ain’t so!
They seem to think that a digital camera for under $100 can do all kinds of action and tele shots that they NEVER would have tried with a similar film camera. Hence, they must expect these cameras to be infused with magic fairy dust to have them do the impossible.

That “junk” is a safety item, as you are NOT supposed to insert or remove a card with the camera on! RTFM.

Everybody can give huge discounts when they do not have the product available. Of course, that is the first step in the old ‘bait and switch’. lol