Kodak 3.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

GREAT starter camera decent price from woot.

I had one but the flash literally blewup while taking a picturer… lol no harm done

purchased 1 because it’s simple to use with all the basic features.

KEEP in mind the one that sparked up was from dell

Many people will complain that this camera does not have optical zơơm . Well, just get closer to the objects and save $

Not worth the cash by ANY stretch of the imagination. Every test I did of this machine produced grainy pictures that were unworthy of being printed – even on 4x6 paper. The menu layer is completely unfathomable, the interface is clunky, the camera feels of cheap plastic and poorly made materials, and – to top it off- the machine is incapable of reading or writing to any media over 512MB.

A huge thumbs down. A cheap price does not a good camera make.

EeEEp, almost pulled the trigger…
Refirb killed it.

Perfect for the kids or folks who aren’t digital saavy. Many people won’t use the zoom anyway.

The only true shortcoming of these entry Kodaks is poor auto focus - and I am thinking this unit is fixed focus (a blessing in some respects at the very entry level - less to fail). I have one right here in the box (new stock) and nothing is said about auto focus… for a reason. I don’t have any issues with digital zoom at this price point.

For the price including shipping, it’s an okay deal - but honestly just that. I paid $50 plus shipping and tax for the one I have here (for new stock) that ran the total up to the same as this woot.

Now for a little more, there are better cameras out there. Depends on what you want to spend on a basic name-brand digital camera

Chill, seriously.

Sometime you can’t “just get closer”

No thanks, think I’ll buy a gallon of gas instead.

Also available HERE! Same price. But wait! This site is HackerSafe!

Available HERE! for $84.99 New (Not a HackerSafe site)

Available HERE! for $99.99 New (HackerSafe site!)

Available HERE! for $79.99 Refurb (HackerSafe site again! They’re all over!)

Available HERE! for $89.95 New (Yes, another HackerSafe site!)

After all this research I’ve come to 2 conclusions. This camera is intended for an entry level audience. As long as you keep your expectations low, it should do the job for most people. This is a $60 camera folks, no gazillion megapixels, no wifi, no bluetooth, no bells and whistles. This is the camera you buy to take to the beach when you don’t want to screw up your REAL camera. This is the camera you let your kids run around the wedding reception with while you use the professional model you own.

Secondly, Woot’s got a reasonable price considering the number of online retailers handling this product. Lots of camera distributers on the east coast seem to have gotten their hands on this model. $60 isn’t bad, reburb or not. And what the hell, this is Woot, and there is nothing like the look on the FedEx guy’s face when he brings yet another unmarked brown box from some wierdly named company in Texas.

My dad actually owns this camera, and he’s had it for a few years now. The pictures come out with okay quality, but if I remember properly, these things chew through batteries like there’s no tomorrow. Just get a few rechargeables… and this would make a great amatuer/beginner camera.

89.92 @ Circuit City Brand new… :
(reg. $110 minus $20 “savings”)

Not too great of a deal on a refurb…

Direct linkage:
Circuit City

Refurb and no zoom. Hmm, no thanks.

Also why did VinWin get put on probation?

Finally, we all want Woot to put on a bag of crap! Come on guys, I am sure that we will get these crummy cameras in there anyway…

Why do I read the forums after I hit buy it now? It’s always depressing.

I bought it so I’d have a camera that I could always carry and wouldn’t care if it was stolen.

This looks an awful lot like my CX7300 that I just retired. My main complaint with that was the lack of any lens cover, which lead to blurry shots. It was a solid camera that I picked up refurbished in a hurry, it did it’s job, but I just wasn’t really happy with it. Maybe this model is improved.

example pics taken from cam.
Indeed, not very sharp. Poor quality. Lighting issues.
Tis a childs toy.

I have a 3.2 fuji digital and it’s not too bad, has an optical zoom. Thing is, I bought it four years ago. $60 be a good price for a 5, I thinks

My wife bought this camera with the photo printer. Printer OK, camera garbage.

USB 1.1 or 2.0?

yeah, i always make sure to put my lens cover on when i’m taking pictures. the all black look makes the megapixels irrelevant too…

Kodak.com has a refurb of same for $85.00 + shipping…