Kodak 8MP Digital Camera and Multifunction Printer Bundle



8mp looks good!


Nice gift for all! In for 3…


HEre is the REVIEW



wow I’m really pissed. Had I known about this I would have bought the Polaroid a few days ago…


Weird…my all in one canon printer suddenly stopped working tonight and I thought I should wait to see if woot would have one later…


Where’s the Woot-Cast??


WOW looks like a great woot! deal.
Last combo I got was the HP set. But the camera broke in 48 hours.

I have never used a Kodak printer, Any opinions ?


2 more reviews:



i thought it said 14.99 and i frantically signed in and clicked buy now… only to be confronted with 153.40 total… laugh… oh the let down…


When you work out the pricing if bought seperately from Walmart and Dell…

You buy the camera from W00t and they throw in the $100 printer for free…

That’s a nice woot if you need a camera and photo printer!


What ink cartridges does this use?


This does look nice, kinda wish my HP would break.


Nice Woot! I have a 5 mp Easyshare camera with the doc and love it. Printer doc also recharges the batteries. Only negative is the 32 mb of memory, but cards are cheap these days.


will this make it by Friday?


Feel free to look around at the reviews on these. They pretty much suck. Sure, the ink is cheap, but all of the color inks are in one single cartridge so if/when just one color runs out you have to replace the entire cartridge. Also the “5 color” ink cartridge really only consists of three actual colors and the other two inks are a photo black and a clear gloss. Using the gloss was Kodak’s way to reduce the color ink usage per print in order to reduce the cost per print… which reduces the print quality as well. :frowning:


yeah … same here with my canon … but I am not sure if Kodak makes any good printers … anybody ?


I have this Kodak all-in-one and it’s … quite awful. The text print quality is appalling. Still, the ink is cheap.


ewww kodak, nice printer though


This thing has horrible reviews!