Kodak AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries 72pk

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Kodak AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries 72pk
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Polaroid yesterday, Kodak today. Must be washed up camera company week at Woot. Anyone have these batteries? Opinions?

Wow- I’ve never had the first comment before. And I’m a charter member… :slight_smile:

Two days ago it was

and now they want us to buy a pack of 72 batteries

Enough batteries to keep your… toys running for a long time!

Why yes, we do. :tongue:

I have these battery’s and they do not last, they have a good shelf life but no power compared to Duracell battery’s, not worth it.

This is a really good value, the batteries don’t hold a significantly smaller charge in comparison to Energizer or Duracell, especially if you’re using them in toys and the like. Anything that is gonna eat through the alkaline like a Digital Camera you should have rechargeable’s for anyways. Worth it.

Well, I dont post much but I am fairly certain that little icon on the left says I am better than all of you (a bigger sucker is more like it) which means I have bought a crapton of stuff over the years and these are the WORST PURCHASE EVER…my kid uses them in nightlights and they last 2 days…carry on.

My wife’s “toy” requires C batteries but that’s another story. It’s a hand massager, right WOOT?

At this price point, my opinion would be that if they last longer than 1/2 the life of Duracell’s or Energizer’s, this is a good deal. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t perform better than that. I’m going to sleep on it but I think I’m in for 1 or 2 tomorrow morning… er, later this morning.

My girlfriend’s is diesel and has a pull-start.

Seriously though, You might want to buy one extra to donate to toys for tots. They seem to have no problem gathering the toys but people forget they need to be powered by something.


Assuming you have Amazon Prime, it’s like buying 2 and getting 1 free.

Reviews are half good and half bad so it’s a gamble.

Here’s the link to the one back in August of this year: http://www.woot.com/offers/kodak-xtralife-alkaline-batteries-72pk

Dear Woot,

I have decided to donate three (3) packs of AA batteries to your employees. I noticed the abundant crappy deals today and decided they might need these more than I do. I suggest splitting the batteries up between the personal floor heaters and battery backups for the servers so you can try to sell one more vacuum before they have to sell the servers.

Merry Christmas,


Tried every combination possible and won’t take the order. Suck this, I’m going to bed.

That’s a truly great idea, that you for suggesting that.

Awwwwwwww, you’re so sweet! Thank you!

No problem, I’ll admit she was a little turned off by the thing being diesel powered and the smell it made. She was also a little embarrassed at first and it took her about a month before she even gave it a ride! I’ll tell you what though, once she saw how much power it had there was no turning back.


I think a part of me actually just died from laughter.