Kodak AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries 72pk

I bought these back over the summer. Definitely quality batteries for the price.

I can’t find the link now but someone back then posted a review showing these were one of the best deals (price/performance) out there, irrespective of the Woot pricing, if I recall correctly.

Last time, they were packaged in 24pks (like this) but it seems as though they’ll all be in one box this time around?

Being from the northeast and having no power for several days thanks to Sandy, a cache of extra batteries is completely worth it, even if they only last a day or so.

If you tell me what’s happening, I’ll be glad to help.

I’ve used Kodak Alkaline batteries many times and they last just as long as the expensive boys, but waaaaaay less expensive. Just be careful not to buy the Kodak “Heavy Duty” (carbon zinc based) batteries if you’re using in any High Drain devices. Made that mistake before and paid for it! …but the Kodak ALKALINE continue to be a great Value in my experiences!

Hmmmm. Are you sure you have Kodak “Alkaline” batteries versus Kodak “Heavy Duty” (Carbon Zinc based) batteries? I’ve had trouble using “Heavy Duty” batteries (not just Kodak) in High Drain devices, but have always had great results with Kodak “Alkaline” batteries like these lasting just as long as Duracell, but for far less $. …but that’s just me! :slight_smile:

Had 3 of these blow up in flashlights and ruined the flashlight. Wont ever use kodak brand batteries again.

Hmmm… 72 batteries, installed thoughout the body in phsycially beneficial spaces to joint and muscle fiber… weigt / distance + natual strength + total battery power…

Yeah, I think I could walk for 3 full weeks without stopping. HOT!

I bought these the last time they were offered on here and for the price, why the hell not! No, they do not seem to last as long as Duracell or Energizer, but they also do not go dead five minutes after using them either. With as many as you get for the price, you’ll have plenty of them to grab to fire up the Christmas toys when they do go dead!

Hate to keep harping on it, but are you sure they were Kodak “Alkaline” batteries … or were they “Heavy Duty” Batteries. …cause the “Heavy Duty” batteries (no matter which brand!) sound stronger, but aren’t nearly as long lasting or high quality as any “Alkaline” battery such as these.

A Battery Throwdown! Ladieeeees & Gentlemeeeen…and the winner, by unanimous decision (according to this independent test) is…Kodak Alkaliiiiine! Check out 3rd party testing at http://hackaday.com/2012/09/14/testing-30-brands-of-batteries/ …AND ALSO AT… http://www.batteryshowdown.com/

I just order a 48 pack of Maxell AA batteries from Amazon today for $12.01. With free shipping courtesy of Prime and California sales tax, that comes out to $0.27 (rounded up) per battery. This deal with tax and shipping for a single pack of 72 is $0.29 per battery. If you buy the limit of 3 it comes out to $0.25 per battery. Unfortunately, barring an unexpected addiction to sex toys, I don’t think I’ll need to use anywhere close to 216 batteries anytime soon, so the Amazon deal being a Prime member is the better deal for me.

Rechargeable NiMH is better for high drain devices like bright flash lights, computerized devices.

Alkaline voltage droops with high load, NiMH doesn’t as much and NiMH has a better voltage vs charge % curve.

But these sure are inexpensive

P.S.@ around 2 post above, yeah “Heavy Duty” = Zinc Carbon battery = total crap, it’s really “light duty”

Been using these 3 weeks in our game cameras that are in the field 24/7 & they’re still taking pics. So they can’t be all bad.

The good reviews are old, the bad ones are new. Not a good sign. I suspect that these are made in China, by some outfit whose primary investment was in buying the rights to slap “Kodak” on them.

Are you supposed to take these on an empty stomach? Can you eat grapefruit after?

Seriously, this is a great donation to any orphanage/Toys for Tots program if you’re so inclined.

A little better deal for a little more mainstream brand: I just bought a couple of Rayovac 48 packs (24 AA, 24 AAA) from Home Depot for $7.88.

Search Home Depot for item # 203458739.

They’re out of stock on line now, but some stores still have stock for pickup.

It appears they are made in China. No thanks.

Which consumer grade alkaline batteries are NOT made in China or India ?

Consumer Reports results summarized at http://www.ksla.com/story/5631320/consumer-alert-finding-the-best-battery-bargains?clienttype=printable

Powering everything from digital cameras and portable music players to laser tools and even tape measures, it’s no wonder we spend over four-billion dollars a year on batteries. But how do you know what’s the best battery for your needs?

Consumer Reports just ran tests on 16 different disposable double-A batteries, including ones from Duracell, Panasonic, and Energizer. There were four types in all - lithium, premium alkaline, regular alkaline, and nickel oxy-hydroxide.

Tests evaluated the battery life in high-drain devices, like a digital camera, and medium-drain devices such as a CD player.

"Our tests showed big differences in battery performance depending on what’s being powered. So it really makes sense when you’re buying disposable batteries to have a specific device in mind,"said one expert, Kim Kleman.

The best battery for a digital camera turned out to be the Energizer e-2 Lithium, which easily outperformed the Duracell Power Pix and Panasonic Oxyride batteries. At two-dollars-and-35-cents a piece, the Energizer was the most expensive battery tested. But considering the e-2 ran three to seven times longer than the batteries tested - Consumer Reports says it’s worth the extra cost.

“But when it comes to devices that don’t need a lot of power - you don’t need to buy expensive batteries, just buy the cheapest highly rated alkaline you can find,” says Kleman.

Consumer Reports tests found the Kirkland Signature double-A battery from Costco performed very well and goes for about 20-cents a piece.