Kodak Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes

**Item: **Kodak Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes
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Damn $5 s/h ruins the deals…

Check out these comments from August

Beware of Kodak batteries. As far as I know, they don’t manufacture their own alkaline batteries and merely relabel cheap [Chinese-made?] generic batteries. I bought 2 sets of 48 AA batteries a few years ago. Although they were not this line, they wee made for Kodak. Over half the batteries had leaked in storage – months before the expiration date. They were all kept in a cool dry place.

[MOD: those weren’t sold by Kodak. See the post below by the rep.]

I have bought them twice on here before, AA and D’s. All worked fine. Nothing like that. Heck they lasted longer in the kids Furby’s than those bunny kind.

I bought both sizes and neither of them were up to par with the other name brands. I won’t be buying them again.

I purchased some for a door lock, lasted 2 days. Changed to different battery and has been working for months now.

The AA batteries, including the five dollars S & H are 26 cents each. Even if half the batteries are bad, that still a good deal. I’m in. (I hope I don’t get my feelings hurt.)

Our company is the Master U.S. Distributor of Kodak batteries.

Those “Re-Packes” battery packs weren’t sold by Kodak at all!

They were originally manufactured for Kodak solely for the specific, limited internal use in single use disposable cameras.

Another company no longer in existence then purchased them for very cheap from the film processing plants where the cameras were sent for film processing.

That company then Repackaged and Resold the batteries under the brand name EnerG …and if you were to zoom in on the package (which I know may be difficult on this particular image), the upper left hand corner doesn’t say Made by Kodak, but rather, “Originally Made for Kodak”.

The pack shown also lists an expiration of Dec. 2011, the same time as the 12/08/2011 photo stamp on the pic.

Those Repacks haven’t been sold for several years now (since 2009 or 2010 latest) and that company is no longer in existence.

By contrast, these Kodak XTRALIFE batteries being offered today are First Run, High Quality Kodak batteries that are selling extremely well with High rates of consumer satisfaction in stores nationwide.

If you haven’t tried them out yet or recently, give them a shot & you’re going to get Good Quality for a Great Value!

I purchased the double AA before and I am not pleased. As others have mentioned they just don’t last as do other batteries. My recommendation is don’t purchase. In addition considering the quality I received from Woot on my other items, Wood should just not offer.

All alkaline batteries leak. Give them time and they will leak. Including the most expensive brand, Duracell.

What may vary is their propensity to leak, but in 40+ years of using a range of brands I haven’t noticed a dramatic leak propensity difference amongst brand name batteries except one. Anecdotally, Panasonics rarely leaked for us. (Note Panasonic owns Sanyo - and presumably the Eneloop rechargeable brand.)

I laugh at the leak damage guarantees - and wonder whether anyone bothers to make a claim for a $5 flashlight. Unless it was a serious leak we’ve been able to get most stuff operational by wiping out the battery juice with a wet rag and if necessary sanding the contacts with fine sandpaper.

BTW, for non-rechargeables we’ve settled in on Costco’s Kirkland batties. Inexpensive and seem to be reliable, typically less than $0.25/AA.

Sigh. I wish I had looked at the comments before I got all lustful for alkaline. Rookie wooter mistake, guys. Won’t happen again.

I have purchased the Kodak AA Batteries from woot in the past and I have no complaints here. Work well for remotes and kids toys. I typically use rechargeables for things like wii controllers and my son’s leap pad tablet. But for most general use items I have found these work well. Better then the AC Delco batteries that are offered here from time to time.

I’ve bought the AA before from Woot and no complaints. They go in Wii remotes, toys, flashlights, etc.

Will say, I’ve also bought the Panasonic AA that come on Woot occasionally, and those are somewhat better. Lasts longer, so I use those for powering more important items, but for 96 AA batteries and only a $25 price, I’d grab 'em today.

Kodak’s are the worst alkaline batteries on the market, imo. Shoprite frequently has the 4 packs AA/AAA on sale for .99¢ and the 8 packs $1.49, and they’re still not worth it. I wouldn’t even take them for free.

I have bought the Kodak and some of the other batteries here on Woot before and have never had a problem with them. Now My expectations are set pretty low but again I don’t use these batteries in digital cameras or other devices that have a demand to high end power. These batteries are great for using in your TV remote or other kids toys that are now power hogs.

In response to PSC10/SDC100 whichever name s/he uses; seeming to speak for Kodak:
I purchased the 72 pack of AAs last DEC (2012), and found them to be at about 1/2 power from the start. (I would include a photo of the box and battery, but WOOT has not yet answered my "How do I do this? question. )The box is dated 2010 and there is no date on the batteries (unless it is in the Chinese characters). The box and batteries state, “Made for Eastman Kodak Company in China.” I use them for my outdoor equipment (crow call, flashlights) and find they last only a short time, causing me to replace them in my caller on every outing. Even so, they do not have the power of competitors’ batteries purchased at big box stores. A do not purchase recommendation!

Assuming you mean Woot doesn’t tell you how to post pictures? They do, under “formatting guide”


@wcmassey: Here’s a Posting Guide that I wrote many years ago. Might help you with posting images and other things.