Kodak Alkaline Batteries 72pk AA or AAA

I’m curious how close these are to expiry.

Here is some info on Alkaline Batteries. Buy these, and never look for batteries for your remote again (or at least until they expire)

Yep, those are batteries, alright. Yep, they sure are.

“Best if used by 2019”

How long do these last in cameras?

Until they die

Tons of comments from when these were offered in February

Holy why are these soo much off retail? Anyone know?

LOL, they had this same set or similar on the woot-off but now I have a full day to waffle back and forth on if I really need to buy them or not.

Waffling is pretty much all I do. Chicken and waffles, but i’m out of chicken. Maybe these batteries will do…I’m in for 1!

It’s a plot I tell you. It’s a Woot profit making plot. Oh sure you think I am crazy but you just wait. I bet for the next week Woot will only offer things that take double A or triple A batteries and then you will be upset you were not in for 3 of these. Well I’m gonna show everyone. I’m in for 3 and I am signing up all my children, and aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters and that cousin in Indiana I have never met - never mind he is in jail - I am signing everyone up and they will all be in for 3 and they will send me all the batteries because when all that stuff that Woot plans to offer that take all these batteries I will be prepared!




If you’re worried that these are not quality batteries check out this independent testing done by some tech geeks.

You can skip past the technical stuff but they mention at the end that Kodak Xtralife (today’s offering) are the best value for your money.

Also how long they last in cameras - besides until they die - is hugely dependent on the camera but generally speaking you don’t want to use alkalines in digital cameras unless you really hate mother earth; you’ll probably be changing them every hour or so worth of use. If the camera doesn’t have a viewfinder they’re actually reasonable but what camera nowadays doesn’t have a viewfinder?

The bottom of the package in the picture says 2019 which sounds about right.

Normally alkaline’s last about 5 years between about 100% and 85% capacity.

Says it in the features too. cough

Guess I gotta break down and get these. I need batteries to power the flameless candles I got on Woot. (The batteries that came with the fake candles lasted for a few months of nightly use, though!)

If you buy two, and then add in the shipping, and divide by the 144 batteries you just purchased - it comes to about 24 cents per battery. To put that in more perspective, it would be less than $2 for an 8-pack; something you will never see in a drugstore or even a big box store. Okay, Woot! I did the math for everybody - now do I get a FREE 72-pack???

I’m going to do this thing now where I blame you for my own inattentiveness.

You guys just added that! I looked before and it wasn’t there!

Btw that was some lightning fast photoshoppin’ earlier.