Kodak Attack



Bought one of these on the last round. Kodak makes some really great inexpensive cameras. Professionally I use a Canon 7d, and my lightweight is also a Canon, but my kids cameras, and the knock-about water proof I carry on the boat? All Kodaks. If it can handle that abuse, it counts as a good camera in my world.
You’re talking about a sub-$100 camera folks. If you want quality, start at $400 and work your way up.
Don’t use their silly software, just stick the memory card into the computer.
Just my opinion.


AB-SO-LUTELY do not use EasyShare! Get a card reader if your 'puter has no slots. EasyShare tries to be “helpful” and assumes control of all your photos.


I have had a few different inexpensive Kodak cameras over the years, and they were my favorites over most others I tried. They are great cameras, for the quality you can get in that price range. I do agree though, not to use the easy share software. I installed it with my first camera, but after messing around with it, just switched to putting my sd card directly in the computer. It’s waaaaay easier.


got the batteries last time. hopefully they’ll be a decent deal.


Does this camera produce a time stamp on the photos?


How long will two AA batteries last in this camera? will it get me through a 1 hour soccer game?


I bought one of these last year for my daughter. It broke on our first outing (Disney). Imagine your child’s first Disney trip and the cam breaks after about 10 pictures. The battery door broke. Walmart (where we purchased it) required the receipt for return. Outta luck, no receipt. I had registered the camera with Kodak when I bought it, but got no response when looking for info on what to do. I will not buy Kodak products anymore. They made a shoddy camera and left us high and dry when we asked for help.


Time stamp is optional. It can be controlled through the menu.


My similar speced Kodak Sport C123 with lithium energizer batteries holds up for hundreds of shots.

I don’t know that I would recommend this for soccer photo’s though. Action shots generally require a beefier camera.


Great deal! Looking for graduation gifts. As kids are so hard in cameras.