Kodak C180 10.2MP Digital Camera

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Kodak C180 10.2MP Digital Camera [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kodak 820852 C180 10.2MP Digital Camera w/3x Zoom

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Pretty good reviews at Amazon


Here’s a sample of images from this camera
Kodak C180 photos on Flickr

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Kodaks Support page

Complete with User guides, Downloads, Troubleshooting, Accessories, and other links.

$84 on amazon

This is a great price for a digital camera, but how does Kodak’s quality stand up to other brands? I’ve heard a lot about Nikon and Olympus as far as quality goes, but how about Kodak?

Can you use it as a webcam?

this is a good deal


Looks like the lowest price elsewhere is around $63-65.

Should be decent quality for a digital still cam but i would probably never compare it to a Nikon or Canon of any price range more than this.

The last Kodak C series i had was a C643 which i loved a lot. It took quality pictures but was also a bit higher end than this even though it was less mega pixels

And, if your camera goes missing, it should be pretty easy to figure out who took it.

Hate the cameras with those kind of batteries

Kodak’s quality is pretty poor, as is customer support. Still, for this price, not bad!

Is the zoom a “smart-zoom”? Meaning, do the images get pixelated when a picture is taken in zoom?

Don’t know what “smart” zoom is but this is optical so no pixilation as with digital zoom.

“3X Optical Aspheric Zoom Lens (35 mm equivalent: 32–96 mm) captures crisp details and gets you closer to your subjects without losing picture quality”

The description says “optical zoom” which means that it is a real zoom.

The other kind, the one you don’t want, is “digital zoom.”

It has a real 3x zoom lens. If you zoom in as far as 3x, it will still be pretty sharp, and it will not be pixelated. It has 5x of “digital zoom” beyond that, for a total of 15x, which will be a bit unsharp the more you zoom in. You can disable the digital zoom in the menu.

I have owned about 5 different cameras that are just point and shoot and have loved the Kodak Easyshare cameras that I have used. The Canon is too slow and the polaroid is even worse.