Kodak C180 10.2MP Digital Camera


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Kodak C180 10.2MP Digital Camera [New] - $42.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Kodak 820852 C180 10.2MP Digital Camera w/3x Zoom

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CAMERA… again? lol seriously WOOT? how many of these do you have? 1? 2? maybe 3… okay maybe MAX at like 10…

Aw Cam another Crapera.

too bad i already have a 7d with an L series

Oh good, I was hoping for a camera.

midnight on a worknight… three nights in a row, comon woot, please let us rest :frowning: gib meh da monkeh!

No more Camerasssss

Awesome! I was hoping they would have a camera! Now if only they would sell a power strip so I could plug the darned thing in…

I bought this in a previous woot. I love it. Also paid atleast $20 more for it…

In case you missed the other 5 million cameras

chances of BoC?

welcome to TURBO WOOT!

Got this camera and bummed out that when i turned it on gave a lens error - Had to send it back to Kodak and waiting for a replacement. To much effort for a POS camera - probably should have just returned it to woot for a refund.