Kodak C513 5mp 3X Optical Zoom Camera with G600 Printer Dock



dang. just bought one


can you use more than one code per item?


does it work on a mac?


I have this, and my friends want one every time i take it out and print right there, and give them the photo… we have come so far.

going to grab one for my brother… thats a great Price!!! only $90 for both???


Got one of these on Geeks a while back for about the same price. The camera is great, the dock is so-so, the printing function is expensive. It uses a transfer roll that limits the number of prints per cartridge to a set number. The prints a spectacular, but the cost per print in supplies is up there. Good for doing a quick “Polaroid” moment, but don’t rely on it being a regular printer unless you want to spend serious bucks on picture prints.


well i got the big one last time was on woot. don’t need the small one


do you have to print via the camera or can you print via memory card or even usb to PC connection?


i love the a team too, shopping.yahoo.com
i love it when a plan comes together!


nice price for the combo considering I sold the camera itself at work for $99 when we carried it and another $99 or so for the printer… pretty sure this uses a film/paper cartridge that costs about $1 a page… that and Kodak cameras are “ehhh”


Anybody know how expen$ive the ink is in this Gramma magnet?


review from http://www.nextag.com/kodak-easy-share-printer-dock/search-html

This printer is really easy to use. The problem with it is that the ink that comes with it only prints 5 pics. Then you have to spend 50 bucks for the print “kit”. It is the same price as an 8x10! Kodak found a way to rip everyone off. Buy a computer printer instead!


Is kodak ink expensive?


it doesnt use ink, it uses a film, kind of like a the sony passport printers if you’ve seen one…

24.99 for 50 photos



bleh, I dislike these little printers, just go to your drug store and print them out in much better quality.





I bought one of these as POS refurbs from Tiger direct … need i say more,

ok if I must, after 18 hours out of the box, the lens wouldn’t open all the way and when I went to return it, there was ANOTHER guy there with the same POS item for the same reason, 3 plus months and many calls to Kodak later I had a new refurbed POS and I sold it for a pittance on craigslist with what i considered fair warning,


The camera uses a standard SD card.

This printer can print by docking the camera, or through a USB connection. You can use this printer with your computer, to print any photo, thru the USB connection. Software (PC) comes with it or you can download the latest version from the Kodak website. This printer does not have card slots.

This is a “dye-sub” type printer, which gives excellent results, and the prints are waterproof.


Kodak C513 5mp 3X Optical Zoom Camera with G600 Printer Dock

$89.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference


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