Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Video test with M550

Your opinion?

I had a Kodak easyshare camera for a while and I loved it til it was stolen. It’s easy, my battery ran fine for all night shooting (I’ve taken up to 180 in one night), pictures were good.

This is a point and shoot, if you need a fancy camera you’re not going to get one for $65 so don’t ask dumb question like that. I’ve been able to print out photos from this kind of camera and have been very happy.

I wish I hadn’t bought the Samsung camera that came up here a couple months ago cuz it’s too heavy and I paid twice the price but I can’t justify owning two cameras.


Can’t find it in the manual, and several reviews (such as this one) say:

“Kodak’s spec sheets don’t list the aperture range for the lens.”

But a range is listed on an Overstock auction: Aperture Range: f/3.5 - f/7.9.

You can decide whether you want to trust that.

I always have to point this out whenever Woot offers a Kodak camera… including their video cameras which I prefer over the Flips.

Kodak made the strange decision to use the MOV container format for videos. AVI is much more universal, especially among Windows users. For example, many DVD players can play AVI files, but none can play MOVs, as far as I know. Likewise for digital photo frames and handheld media players. Virtually all models (except iPods?) will play AVIs, but very few will play MOVs without converting.

Editing MOVs is a problem for the casual user because no free or cheap shareware Windows video editor can accept the format. And no, don’t get me started on Quicktime or Quicktime Pro, which I deleted after a month.

Converting is an option but there are two problems. First, conversions usually degrade the quality. And second, you often end up with lots of little video clips in theri cameras and it’s a real hassle and time consuming to covert each file unless there is a batch mode.

Just something to think about if you plan to do videos with Kodak devices.

Didn’t I just see this same camera like a couple weeks ago…is Woot just recycling old ‘deals’ now???

In danger of being wrong, the only M550 Buy.com has is $85.99 + $8 shipping refurbished:


and I see no refurbished below $90:


This actually isn’t unusual. All you have to do is hit the community tab on the woot, sellout woot, or kids woot websites and go through a few pages (preferably non-woot-off pages, unless you want to wade through that) or search for a product in a woot section and see how many dates/woot comments for different dates appear.

Interestingly, I bought a Kodak Easyshare Z1275 (12mp, 5x opt zoon and HD video … $79 on Woot) and a Samsung S55 (also $79) around the same time, and although the the latter had fewer pixels, it was much superior to the Kodak in almost every way. The lag time was less, the pictures were sharper, the video mode had more options, etc.

As for this being the best you can get for $65, you can get better if you’re willing to go up to $80. For example, my current everyday camera is a Casio Exilim EX-FS10, which is often available for $79 NEW (this is refurbished). Although only a 9mp camera, it has HD video, a 1000fps (!) video mode and many other special features which make it stand out. That’s just one example. There is no reason to settle for this because of affordability.

Many will say that this is a good starter camera for kids. Possibly, except that several Wooters including myself found the LCD screen cracked without any obvious impact. I’ve owned 7 point-and-shoots (Fuji, Olympus, Canon, Casio, Samsung and Kodak), and the Kodak is the only one that broke.

The PC Magazine reader survey for 2010 on digital cameras (and note where Kodak rates):


and the article related to it:

This of course does not mean every Kodak camera is trouble, but this is to add to the comments above.

Well, being a Kodak doesn’t help, nor does trying to cover up the awful sensor noise by limiting the ISO range, and the slow lens exacerbates the problem.
That being said, it’s about as good as you can expect from this price range.

(note: my biases against Kodak generally do not apply to cameras with “Retina” in the name or that use bodies built by other companies, i.e. DCS series or M8/9)

Anyone know the wide-angle focal length for this camera? And the 35mm equivalent widest focal length? (widest zoom length)

My suspicion is that for 35mm equivalents it’s 32 to 38mm, as it’s a cheapish camera, but hope I’m wrong! 28mm or under and it’s a steal!

Interestingly, although the Kodaks ranked poorly overall, the Repair Rate was excellent, which at 2% in both categories, either tied for first or second. That, of course, disagrees with my experience or that of several other Wooters. If my experience is representative and accurate, maybe it’s because Kodak users simply threw their cameras away instead of repairing them. Those broken cameras, of course, aren’t counted in Repair Rates since they’re not repaired. That was certainly my case. The LCD screen cost more to replace than the $79 I paid for the camera so it just went into the trash. So if Kodak’s weak point is the screen, it may explain why the lowly rated Kodak cameras have such a low repair rate. Simply put, your’re more likely to repair a broken switch than the LCD screen.

Another explanation is the Kodaks are so poorly designed that they were less used, so breakage was less likely. In my case, battery life was so incredibly bad (<30 photos) that it stayed in my bag most of the time. The low overall rating certainly suggests that the Kodaks were less usable.

little off topic but how do you give someone a ‘quality post’?

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Sixty Five Bucks

Sixty five bucks! Great little vacation or bar take-along camera. Decent pics, easy to xfer to any PC.

Camera nerds will hate it but for 65 bucks…