Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera

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Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kodak EasyShare CD82 Blue 12MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

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I will never again buy a camera that uses AA batteries. The charge never lasts as long as the other type of batteries for cameras.

This is a sweet camera, with very high resolution-- and the price you cannot beat…

Heh, I’ve had the opposite experience. Not to mention I can easily swap out batteries pretty much anywhere I go, versus having to recharge.

May I suggest using rechargeable batteries?.. and carry a few spares with you…

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i just picked up one of these easyshares a few months ago and i was going through batteries like you wouldn’t believe. one night i picked up a few packs of “buy 1 get 1 free” cheap-o batteries from the local drugstore and i swear i’ve only had to change them about 3 times in a month. i don’t know if duracell and kodak don’t like each other or what, but it was a great find.

the resolution on this camera is awesome. i was honestly shocked. particularly in photos with decent natural light.

the easyshare has multiple settings (action, blur reduction, etc.) that make point-and-shoot picture taking easy. i bought it originally just to take high res pictures of my art but have been using it much more than i anticipated. i also have a nikon and olympus but like this kodak because i don’t have to worry about losing it or crushing it in my purse.

fyi get a memory card. duh. camera only stores three pictures without it.

The kodak that I had (for about a minute) killed the AA’s fast. I have a fujifilm now and the battery life is absolutely fantastic! YMMV.

I bought a 12mb refurbed kodak from woot, it died, I sent it back to kodak and they returned it the same broken state. (That’s not entirely fair… it boot up once, then died) I took it back to Woot (the advantage of being in Dallas). They refunded my $. Hats off to Woot! But I learned my lesson with Kodak refurbs.

btw changing the batteries 3 times in a month sounds bad… but i was changing them like every three days with the duracells. just saying.

I have a similar camera that eats batteries and got Eneloops. Any NiMH battery will be fine. High milliamps and their discharge rate is phenomenal. (100%->80% over the course of a year as compared to most rechargables which die completely after a month)

Maybe I had bad luck with this camera, but I did use rechargeable batteries. And I brought spares.

Still seemed like I couldn’t get through 1 day of usage without changing the batteries out.

Edit: I used rechargeable KODAK batteries at that.

If I’m not mistaken, this camera has “energy saver” settings that shut off the display and/or shut the entire unit down after a set time: 30 sec., 1 min., etc.

it wasn’t too long ago that 3MP cameras cost more than this and had less options…

ah memories

Almost bit until I read the Amazon reviews.

I picked up the refurbished C180 Kodak from Woot! for myself and a second one for a relative who was in need of a new camera. They work wonderfully.

Personally I prefer the AA types to special rechargeable battery packs. One you can replace in a pinch at a drugstore on the way to the party.

I haven’t have a problem with the batteries showing up dead, I’m still on the original ones. (admittedly I don’t take hundreds of pictures)

I think they are perfect for quick family shots, enjoy getting good pictures at family get togethers.

YMMV but I was pleased with mine.

Yep, I got the C180 too the last time it was up. Takes nice pix; the only thing I don’t like is that after you take a picture, you have to wait and wait before it’s ready to take another one.

Kodak may make among the best image sensors in the world, but their consumer cameras are definitely not overperformers. This one is no exception, but it’s cheap and easy to use. Noticeable noise at ISO 200, and pretty soft if you pixel-peep, but it’s really just about everything you could expect from a sub-$100 point-and-shoot. For a lot of people, it will be acceptable outdoors and in brightly (naturally) lit rooms.

What is the delay time from when you push the button to when it takes the picture? I’ve missed out on many “one time moments” because the camera took too long to take a picture…and I’m drunk…I re-typed this probably 7 seven times…atleast…