Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera



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Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Kodak CD82 EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD and 3x Optical Zoom (Blue)

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AA Batteries = eww.

But, not bad for the price. Just dont expect to get more than 50 pictures out of two standard batteries.


wow…they must have a crap load of these. This is at least the third woot of these, and I think the price has dropped $10 each time…


Would this be a good Air Force graduation gift? Or a diff camera?


Would this be a good Air Force graduation gift? Or a diff camera?


Here’s hoping they post it 4 more times…


Keep in mind that while this is 12.4 MP, it has only 3x optical zoom and the rest of the hardware isn’t amazing, either. MEGAPIXELS ARE NOT EVERYTHING! Also, a camera that’s supposed to be “nice” for $40? I think that’s too good a deal for a truly good camera, even from Woot…


I don’t get it…what is so easily shared on this camera? It seems to have one lens and one display. How can you share something like that?


What a nice camera. Does it do video too? How about that nifty face detection thing soon to be re purposed into terminators.


You press the share button and the software helps you upload it to different places etc etc… its a useful feature for people who aren’t very computer savvy.


Different camera. This would be good for graduating 8th grade…


PERFECT for kids. At this price, it’s well worth it, as they sell for about 79.99 NEW on Amazon, and I’m sure it’d get much more use than those disposable cameras (made by the same people, go figure)

Seriously though, this camera is rated about 4+ stars everywhere you look, and though it might not be anywhere NEAR the quality of a $300 camera, for $40 it’s about the best you’ll probably find.

As for the megapixels… More megapixels does NOT mean better quality photos… it just means you’ll have quality prints pending on the megapixels. I know 10+ are good for 16x20 or something like that, and anything extra is overkill. The quality of the photo itself deals more with ISO control, lighting, etc. but I doubt this camera will be that enhanced in features… but like I said… it’s good for $40.


A Couple of Good Reviews from this site!


I was just thinkin’ that…but more like a BOC candidate…


Why would anyone want to use 1.3 MP 4:3 resolution/format… does it give you an extra “fast” exposure index?..

the archives must be atrocious…


If you want the performance, tweakability, and options of a DSLR, then buy one. This is a cheapo point shoot that I would consider “lose-able”. I can’t see spending over $100 for a point and shoot when a decent “real” (DSLR) can be had for around $400, with interchangeable lenses and several more adjustable options.


they might be ewww, but standard batteries mean if they go dead your not waiting for a specialized battery pack to recharge for an hour or 2 in the middle of the kids birthday party.


Kodak cameras have great optics and wonderful color rendition BUT THEY DRAIN BATTERIES LIKE MAD. Seriously, my last Kodak needed a battery change after 20 photos and 1 short movie. Others have said the same. And yes, I use hi capacity (2800mAh) NiMH batteries that I’ve refreshed using a LaCrosse charger. Alkalines were even worse.

And this camera is unusual in that it does 12meg stills but only VGA movies. Even cameras with lower res generally do HD videos now.


I’ve got the version of this camera that does HD video… got it from Woot a while back. It burns through batteries, but takes excellent pics and video for the price. Mine had an unfortunate accident and got a busted screen, so I’m pondering grabbing one of these as a replacement.