Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera

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Kodak EasyShare 12MP Digital Camera [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Kodak EasyShare CD82 Digital Camera

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Come on, this is getting ridiculous


I think I just ordered this last week…still waiting for it, and I think it was a bit less.


I can haz camera?

Will there ever be more higher quality point and shoots on woot? My mother needs a decent one. :expressionless:

These sold out on regular woot. Would make a fine gift, Dad. (hint hint)

$79 new in walmart.
4 stars (221 review) pretty good

All I want is a fucking woot off light.

Ii’m still waiting for mine to come in that I ordered about 2 weeks ago. Stupid Smartpost is sloooooooow.

idaho never buys a god damned thing

mmm refurbished…I could only hope that someone else’s photos are still saved in there…

I ordered this last week, am still waiting for it and it was $10 less.

Save your money. I got this and it is horrible in low light if if your subject is not perfectly still.

For the price $39 - last woot - it cannot be better. Low light photography with this is indeed bad, cannot expect to be good with this price. However, manual ISO, panoramic photo, 3x optical zoom, 480i video, etc makes it one of the best for price. Got it for my 7y/o daughter - her first real camera before those disposable ones. And it is difficult for her to manage - I guess should have bought a simpler one.