Kodak Easyshare 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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Kodak Easyshare 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom
$84.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I guess it was just one camera in the last woot then?

$126 on amazon.

this is the camera I have, I LOVE it, Not as much as i would love the pentax just sold before this though ;(

I picked this up as a refurb for $50 from another site, for $86 new is a steal!

Wow going from an $800 camera to a $50 camera

Just in case you didn’t get the Pentax yet still want a camera?

Isn’t this $75 at Walmart?

Finally, a digital camera.

I think this might be the same that walmart is selling for $75

$99.95 at Sears and KMart

so this isnt a terribly great deal

it IS new, not a refirb…so that helps, but you’re not saving a lot here

Two thumbs up for a shitty overpriced camera!

this camera kicks a s s !

I have four kids, between cheer-leading, swim meets, football and dance, this thing never runs out of storage space or power

i dont see the m52 for sale at walmart website? i see the 3x optical 12mp for $80 though…

But, you are saving

don’t be so hard on yourself, i own both types and the Pentax is worthless, unless your shooting p o r n its an over-kill for any real life use

Golden Girls.


I am very tempted. I have a Kodak Easyshare M530 with 12 megapixels and 3x zoom, I have been wanting a camera with more zoom. However, there is no color choice and the red is not doing it for me.

haha nice, i do want a decent camera for taking pictures of my 2 year old. one day i will have one. one day =)

but what about the camera?

it takes the pictures yo