Kodak EasyShare 14MP Digital Camera

good reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon



This guy says some of the pictures he took were too good. “Makes you think you’re on something!”

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65 dollars right now on 1saleaday. This is good price.

4:3 and 16:9 different sizes but same pixel count? Error!

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Only 3x optical zoom??? Pass…

Oh my, this looks like $15 bargain basement junk, no?

Not cool, woot. The green “sold out” three days ago in the woot-off and I had to settle for red, but now the green, let alone the camera itself, is magically reappeared?

In the good old days, “sold out” meant sold out, not “on hold for two days.”

This is most likely a new purchase of the same camera. What we sold in the woot-off was remaining stock from a previous sale (i.e. purchase).

Makes perfect sense TT, thanks for explaining it. I’m happy to see some items return if I miss them with the hours I’m working recently.

For $50-55, I think it’s a sweet deal. I’m deciding if I’m in for 2 or 3 as little gifts for unexpected company at the holidays.

Kodak EasyShare C1530 14MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom & 3-Inch LCD _ Price Comparisons

WOOT! Today = $49.99 + $5 shipping. ($54 total shipped)
$15.95 Less than next best price found.

Amazon = $69.95 + Ships Free

ebay = $64.95 + $8.28 Shipping ($73.23 Total Shipped

NCIX.com = $80.98 + Ships Free

All suppliers and prices found using a random Google search. Your own independent search may find differing and/or lower prices.

Ditto. We had 3x optical zoom on our first digital camera that we bought back in 2001.

Yes but this is a 14mp camera for $50,bet the one you bought in 2001 was less than 5MP and cost three times what this one does. I think this would be a good toss in the car camera but not something to be used for real “important” photo taking.

I bought a refurb of this last summer through one of the daily deal-type sites. Good, basic, easy to use camera. The preset settings work well for the different light conditions and the picture quality seems to be pretty good to my eyes. I never used Kodak software to transfer pictures; I just use the SD card readers on my computers. I’ve had Kodak Easy Share cameras for many years now and the only one that stopped working was the one I dropped on the beach, as sand found its way into the shutter mechanism. The first one I ordered in 2005ish is still going strong. This isn’t a professional grade camera but if you like the feel of a “real” camera in your hands instead of a phone, it’s worth the price.

Not everyone needs a 20X optical zoom. Especially if you are doing portraits, macro shots, etc.

And a long lens on a light, small camera is hard to hold steady.

Now, if you are shooting wildlife it’s a different matter, but to each his/her/it’s own.

This is for the 12 people left who don’t have a camera on their phone -or a digital SLR if they are serious photographers. I don’t care if it’s marginally better than the camera on my phone. Who wants to lug around a separate (cheap) camera?

[Always read the camera specifications and get a basic understanding of the relationship between f/stops, shutter speeds and ISOs if you plan to attempt anything more challenging than snapshots.]

For example:

“Capture the details in low-light conditions and fast-action situations with high ISO (up to 1000)”

This might have been a selling point in 2000, but NOT in 2013!!

Today, many cameras now hit 12,800 ISO. Tons of cheapies hit 1,600 and 3,200.

Why is this important?

At ISO 1000, and with the typical f/5.6 lens found on most 3x zoom cameras, you would be lucky to shoot at 1/60th of a second indoors with no flash.

That is not fast enough to stop action, and barely fast enough for most people to hold steady.

Outdoors would be OK. Using with flash would be OK.

Also, images at the high end of the ISO ladder are usually not as good looking as a couple of steps down, say, ISO 400. If you needed ISO 1000 a lot, you’d be shooting at the high end all the time.

For those aspiring to shoot in the gym, this is NOT, NOT, NOT the camera for you.

Bought this on 1/17 from Woot for $5 more (in green). I’m happy with it, but I’m just taking pictures of the kids, I’m not a camera snob. I mostly use the camera indoors and have not had any problems with the shutter speed not being able to catch moving toddlers (which was my biggest complaint with my old camera). I’d buy it again.

Got this one (blue) about a month ago for wife’s birthday. Put batteries in and it fires up and takes pictures. Spend more? The last Lumix (woot) was dropped on a concrete floor once too often. Before that, a Fuji went for a dip in a creek. Both expensive cameras. You can use those dead cameras for props as you explain the benefits of the super gadgets the higher priced cameras have.

Megapixels, schmegapixels. Who cares if it has 14 MP if the lens optics are crappy and the image storing processor is sloppy.

If you care enough about your pic quality to want more than what camera phones can do, spend just a few more bucks to get a real compact camera from Canon.

Sorry Woot, but this item is a lost runt puppy in the camera market.