Kodak EasyShare 14MP Digital Camera

Ahhhhh, an answer I already knew and I still missed it.

At more than 12 square meters, that must have the world’s biggest sensor.

What does the little inverted V mean in math?

^ = to the power of

Can someone give me an example of how the URL should look with the added answer? This is the second time I’ve gotten the answer but couldn’t figure out the format for that -_-

so close!


Thank you! That was what I thought first, then i remembered doing sq. roots by hand… but those were down below the number… does this now craptastic thing work?

Answer was 1073741824

Ugh, missed another one with the right answer…

Much appreciated!

I needed a new disposable camera to take to Burning Man this year to replace my other disposable camera that finally had to much Playa dust.

Damn, i actually got it right. I suck at math!

Raised to the power