Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera

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Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera
$139.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $9 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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WHY NO VIEWFINDER?! I would do it in a second if it did.

[youtube=lBuaFuz2gkA?hd=1] [/youtube]

Here is the Zoom test, It’s pretty good!

Here’s a VIDEO of a zoom test and a preview of the camera.

ETA, CowboyDann beat me to the zoom test.

I love this camera, but you definitely need rechargeable batteries. For me the regular battery life lasts through one shooting. I finally got smart and bought rechargeables after going through about 16 batteries :frowning:

I believe this is a reflex camera so has a “through the lens viewfinder.”
Great buy but I don’t need another camera.

Here’s a Retrevo review.

[youtube=Qy4qpgk6ueI] [/youtube]
I’m sad Matthew went through all the work of writing a song for this product and you don’t even feature it on the main page. Shame on you woot!

Here is the manual in case anybody was looking for it.

Here it was for sale in may

LCD display only as with too many cameras these days

I bought this from Woot on May 1st and am happy with it; but, I also then got its better brother–the 30X optical zoom, 12MP one at Office Depot and like it even more. Both are pretty solid and have good lenses for the money.

Oh yeah, the other one does have a viewfinder (digital LCD, not through the lens) that sure helps a lot with those bright sunny outdoor shots.

And…“just one more thing”–the overcrowded “accidentally click on everything except what you were trying to” Woot page is irritatingly exasperating. Give it up.

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We have a better thread for that.

We always try to keep the product threads focused on the product.

Why is it as soon as I purchase a camera, “new” models crawl out of the woodwork? (Not the kind of models suggested in the write-up.)

It hasn’t even arrived yet.

Were you waiting just for me?

That’s what she said.

OR …
I’m on my second set of Energizer "advanced lithium"s and have snapped 279 photos so far.

Is Woot getting. Ddoss attacked?
Revenge for the BOC failure in the Woot Off?

Bought this one from Woot back in April (for 10 bucks more, I think) and I have been absolutely delighted with it. Great auto functions, definition and – a REALLY pleasant surprise – steadiness. The rule of thumb when I was a somewhat serious 35mm shooter was to use a tripod whenever the shot required a shutter speed of 1/30 or longer. This one I can get near crystal clarity at speeds as slow as 1/8. Long battery life, handy regime for downloading or “sharing.” For any purpose that requires more than your phone can deliver, this one is the ticket. I can’t imagine getting better results for anything near this price point. And the low price is the answer to anybody who is worried about continued customer support from Kodak. Come on, you’re dropping about a buck fifty including shipping. When it craps out, I’ll be very sad, but I won’t be out a car payment or so, which is about what it would cost to get another name brand that would deliver similar results. On the fence? Buy it.

I got one of these the last time around and apparently didn’t read the description well enough, because even though the camera instructions indicate that a strap is included with the camera, one is not. You’ll definitely need to purchase one as this is not a camera you can slip in a pocket.

The greatest strength of Woot is/was transparency and diversity of opinion on both product and (less often) management. It’s our choice to agree or disagree, and for me, a good source of entertainment. In short, It’s the soul of Woot and what set it apart and above the competition. It’s what has made me come back and buy (often) and spread the word about Woot by word of mouth, often emphatically over the years. I just sayin.