Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera

Dam glad I got the z990 from you guts last week. Only 12mega but a MUCH better camera! Love it!


Remember that after you buy your first item today on any site, everything else ships for free until midnight CST to night!

IMHO, the z990 makes this a paper-weight. But, we all know what opinions are like.

Yes, I have championed the z990 over the 5000 series from Kodak many times, and I bought three more z990 cameras in the recent previous woot!, however, the z990 is not for everyone, and this is a very capable camera for the price.

Would I personally hold out for the z990? Sure. But others will enjoy the unique feature set of this 5000 series camera and the extreme zoom it offers . . . it does a decent job for a casual photographer. Plus, you’re going to save a few bucks over the z990.

It is just, for me, after owning both 5000 series cameras available from Kodak and the z990, I can’t look back - the z990 might be the best consumer digital camera Kodak has ever made, and it is hard to be objective after owning all three - the z990 is THAT good IMHO. In fact, I reach for my z990 more often than our Canon T3i, and I paid $700 for the Canon for my son’s photography course.

Bottom line, this is a very capable camera at a decent price. But, it may not be the best Kodak had to offer.

I’m sure someone will post a picture of the moon they shot with this camera and woot! will sell them out.

I believe you meant to say any “woot!” family site . . . someone will shop at Little Joe Bob’s Discount Lures and Truck Parts (now offering homemade pies) and take you to task on this . . . IJS.

this is an awesome camera! I bought it about 3 months ago off woot. Really tempted to buy another one. I tested the 26x zoom to shoot some video of kitesurfing. Then using GOM player clipped still shots with burst capture and they look great!

[[youtube=lBuaFuz2gkA?hd=1] [/youtube]

Here is the Zoom test, It’s pretty good!

**And You still are hiding Matthew’s song/video about this camera guys! **

Sorry for phoning it in, all these posts are from what i said in June except for the bold

I have to agree. After much research I chose to buy the Z990(Woot! 7-17-12) over any of the 5000 series cameras. Yes, it is a few mega pixels less, but that’s not all that makes a camera. Not that this is a bad camera, and for many it will be just what they need. Do your own research and make your own educated choice what will meet your needs. Since I don’t believe they sold out, I believe Woot! may offer the Z990 again.

Can someone comment on why batteries and not rechargeable batt pack?

$$$, nothing more. Every upgrade increases the cost. I haven’t looked at the entire line of Kodak cameras, but one possibility would be it was based off another camera body that used batteries. Re-engineering is not cheap. But then this is just a guess.

From the comments on the z990, lest we want to take a chance waiting for a reappearance on Woot!, it would seem the price on Amazon for $179.99 with the “bundle” is not too bad? Bundle includes rechargeable batteries, HDMI cable, memory card, and it looks like you get an extra memory card from Amazon, too.

Very nice camera, takes nice video and easy to use overall. The only downside is that it eats up regular battery quick. I’d highly recommend carrying 4 extra rechargeable batteries at all times.

Just got my z990 camera today and I think it’s a fabulous camera. If people like this current offering, I think they would like the z990 even more. Z990 has two very significant advantages over this one: 1. A viewfinder, and 2. A very handy jog wheel.

z990 is definitely worth the extra $, IMO.

I am so sad right now. I purchased the item but the shipping address was my old address, and there is no easy way to change it :frowning: so I have canceled the order but I have received no confirmation of cancellation due to volume ;-;… I want to get the camera but am afraid of getting billed twice.

Email service@woot.com and ask them to change your address.

One item to note about the Kodak cameras: they do not have a hand or neck carry strap included. The only strap is the thin nylon cord for the lenses cover. I had to borrow one from another camera…

Not true about all their cameras. I wonder why they didn’t include one with this setup. Its hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like it has the ability to except a neck strap. I have even seen some kits include hand straps. You wonder what they are thinking when they make these kits.

I don’t know about the other Kodak camera offerings, but my Z990 came with a “Kodak” neck strap in the retail packaging

damn! no viewfinder - i must have missed the Z990 offering.

oh well…the colors are pretty.

Lost me at AA batteries. If they gave me the camera for free, it’d still cost more to keep batteries in it than I’d spend on a better camera with a good battery. Particularly with no viewfinder. The screen on the back eats batteries like a kid in grandma’s candy dish. Pass.