Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera



For some reason, that zoom makes me jealous!


The Z990 is the one you want, much better than this one.


I got this from woot a few weeks ago and I’ve been very happy with it. Sharp pictures, even when zoomed in all the way.


agreed if you can still find a z990 at a great price its a FAR better camera than this one. this is a okay camera but other than the major zoom its not spectacular using a ccd sensor. where the z990 uses a back lit cmos sensor.


Great camera. I love the options and the heavy weight also the color easy to fine in a black bag. Ect all around great deal. If you are looking for one for yourself or to put away as a gift it’s great.


Why is Woot! hiding the model# of this camera???

Kodak EASYSHARE Z5120 16MP Camera


Say wha? It’s a Z5120. It’s in the title on the Detail page and listed on the Specs tab “In the box”.


so wish it had an eye view finder :frowning:


The Z990 is $159 on Amazon, with free Prime shipping.


Can someone explain why is the Z990 so much better than the Z5120? I’m not much of a camera guy.

The Z5120 is $150 at Amazon.


I bought this during the last Woot sellout a few weeks ago. The Zoom is incredible. Overall it takes very good shots even in low light. I would recommend it.


That’s one thing I didn’t think I would miss. I was wrong. Other than that though, I’m completely happy with this camera. I bought it in black a few months ago. My very first woot.

I’ve always been more fond of Canon cameras, but this easily replaced my powershot. I do however miss the flip out view screen from the powershot. Hah, and now The Rolling Stones play through my head. =)


I have this camera and love it. Takes great pictures even zoomed all the way in. Macro could be a bit better, but overall it’s really good. The zoom is incredible.


The lcd is better on the 990. I have this one and love it. It takes awesome pictures and the zoom is incredible.


Manufacture’s Website


didnt they this on sale cheaper a few weeks ago-- $109???

[MOD (TT): No. This is the lowest price we’ve sold it for.]


I bought one a few weeks ago from here. I think it is a great camera for the price. An eye view finder woud have made this the perfect camera.


I bought this one a month or so ago on woot and used it to take a ton of pics/videos on vacation. LOVE IT!!!


I still have the email from June 29th … it was $139.99 and I haven’t seen it since.


Personally, I’m waiting for their “MFD-1” camera.

It requires absolutely no learning curve, no understanding of photography, is never “blurry,” even with indoor action sports shots in the gym and has very, very rapid shooting.

Also great for wedding, scenics, snapshots, distant wildlife and whatever you can throw at it.

Look for it soon: the MFD-1.

[Oh, yes, MFD stands for “magic fairy dust.” As soon as we find a source, we’ll sprinkle it on cameras so they can do all of the above.]

In the mean time, you need to decide in real terms what you want to photograph, what hardware is needed to accomplish that, and what cameras have the specifications you need.

Hey, Woot!, let’s talk about offering a really good deal on my book in one of your subsections so people can learn all they need to know about cameras, eh? I’ll give you a deal.