Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera

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Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera
$119.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $9 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Sorry, but Kodak had terrible customer service back when they made these cameras (and the company also made a profit!), but now that they are shutting down the entire digital camera consumer product line, how much customer support will they offer for a dinosaur camera?

RIP, Kodak!

Yes, you’ve seen this multiple times, but at $149.99, $30 more:

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Reviews seem to be mixed. Mediocre quality sensor, not so great in low light, slow performance. You’ll need a tripod at maximum zoom.

I bought this camera from Woot a few months ago and love it, esp. that it takes AA batteries instead of yet another incompatible battery.

Is there much shutter lag? Or does the picture take as soon as you press the “trigger”?

Does anyone know about the battery consumption for this? I am not a camera buff just a casual photo taker but I have a first/new grandson and plan on taki g more and hopefully better pictures. My old Casio 10mp gives me a full 2 weeks of vacation pictures(many) on one charge and the last battery camera about 15 minutes or ten pictures only

Maybe its just me, but I cant seem to find out if this is new or refurbished

Sorry, fellow Wooters…you cannot “share” on Kodak Gallery because it no longer exists. It was turned over to Shutterfly months ago.

It’s new.

I saw this thing on sellout! woot. Wasn’t sellout! supposed to be the last stop?

How do “deals” comeback from the grave?

Thanks, I couldnt find it. I havent bought on woot for a while and not used to new setup…

Even though its right there in the front page… “I need woot glasses” !

Yes, it’s been on sellout, too: August 21

July 25

$129.99 both times, $10 more than now.

To paraphrase “Your Thighness”, Sellout now is for smaller quantities of items and thus can sell out. It doesn’t mean automatically that an item is gone once it hits sellout’s site. She/moderator can correct me if I’m wrong. It also means that just because something is featured on sellout, it doesn’t mean that it appeared on any other woot site before that.

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Kodak did invent digital photography.

I know someone else also asked but does anyone who has one of these cameras tell us how bad the shutter lag is between the time you press it and when it actually takes the picture. I assume outdoors is quicker than indoors or if the camera senses it needs the flash and then all bets are off and I suspect there is a delay even if there wasn’t without the flash.

I’ve had several Kodak of similar models. The more bells and whistles the more battery it uses. I don’t have any problem. Just take your pictures, review if you must (lighting, etc) then tinker when you get them into the computer.
I believe this is the model that does not have a viewfinder, just the LCD. If you’re looking to improve your photography look at one of their other models Z980 etc you’ll be happier.

Pay the extra $4 for 2 day shipping. I bought it 2 weeks ago. They shipped the case regular mail and I received it in 3 days. The shipped the camera by UPS mail inovations and it took 10 days! The camera is great.

I bought one of these for about $139.00 a month ago. Took it on vacation to Istanbul for a week. Took about 300* pictures and didn’t go through one set of batteries. Shutter is like most digital cameras…need to press shutter button 1/2 way to focus and read light correctly…then with further push shutter fires immediately,

I enjoyed the pictures…good focus and exposure. Loved the long telephoto.

I’m into HDR — does anybody know if this camera does AE Bracketing? I can’t find any mention of this online! Thanks.