Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera


35mmx24mm vs an optical sensor of about 7mm x 5mm. Think about the massive Polaroid 79mmx79mm.


I got mine a few weeks ago and it was shipped in a brown box that contained a plain white box that had the camera and a third party vinyl case. The white box had no writing like it went inside another box in a store. The camera looked new and not refurbished. There were tags hanging from it and kodak batteries (non rechargable) and everything like it came from Kodak. There was no wrist or neck strap but it looks like Kodak shipped it like that.


I have a Z990 with a 16GB Class 6 Patriot SDHC card, and have had no problem. Sounds a bit strange that formatting the memory card could toast the camera. I guess it is possible that if the memory is large enough and the speed great enough that it could have overheated the driver circuitry and caused damage, but I wouldn’t think it very probable. If that is the case I would believe other 32GB Class 10 cards could cause the same problem. Without technical details, its impossible to say anything for sure.

Since Kodak sells it’s own brand of SD cards, at least up to 16GB Class 10, I was surprised that they didn’t recommend their own memory. I have seen some Kodak camera offerings where they bundled their camera with their own memory.

There are any number of good memory cards available. I have Patriot, Kingston, Sandisk, Samsung, Polaroid, Sony among others but any of these brands should be OK. There was nothing in the specs recommending any particular card.

The other thing to look for is the class(speed). If you are going to take movies, you should at least use class 4(min recommended). Class 6 would even be better, 8 or 10 would be nice if your budget allows.


Not much of a shutter lag at all. You will not be disappointed in this camera!


Thanks for the link. Hadn’t found that one. Assuming all the data is correct its a great reference to have.

BTW, I haven’t seen very many of the Kodak offerings include a case. This offering didn’t include a neck strap which I have seen on most of the other offerings. I’d rather have the strap and buy my own choice of a case.


I bought Eneloop rechargeable also for both my Kodak cameras. They are great.


Are you using the Kodak software for downloading your images to the computer? When I connect via the USB cable to my pc, the software runs auto.


I got purple. Weeeeeeeeeee


My Kodak Z5120 works well with Picasa buthe the Z990 will not email, save, or export if I do any editing. I have to save every photo before editing, then reopen and then it works fine. Strange.


If you would like to see photos taken with the Z5120, go to https://www.soaphoto.com/contest/gallery/gallery.asp?KeyField=ID&KeyWord=tclicks Look at July Aug photos, click on the EXIF button top of photo to see what camera I used.


Today I ordered the KODAK EASYSHARE 16MP, Z5120 Camera from Woot.
I would definitely use this camera to take HD movies along with photos.
After a bit more research the “Patriot EP Series 32GB Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) Flash Card Model PEF32GSHC10233” may be the best deal on Newegg. This is a class 10, 50MB/sec Read, and 35MB/sec write speed memory module, for only $26. In my research I noticed that not all Class 10 devices are the same, especially in terms of write speed. Most of the cheaper class 10’s can only write at 15/20MB/sec speed. I guess the old adage you get what you pay for still rings true.
Does anyone see any problems with this fast of memory being used in this camera?


bblhed wrote:
I have a Kodak Brownie Autographic #2 from 1919 that takes better photos than this thing even with it’s un-coated lenses.

Actually my Autographic takes 120 film and shoots in 60 X 90 format so that is 55mm X 85 mm after cropping. I have a few Polaroids, one one 300 that shoots those one step photos and a couple that shoot the peal apart type film, let me tell you, there is nothing like handing someone a photo right out of your camera. Hand someone a photo that you just took 120 seconds ago and ask them if digital is better than that.


You could try diffusing or bouncing the flash with an index card or something made of white plastic.


Thanks for posting the pictures. They are pretty good. Could you tell us approximately how much zoom you used to get them and did you use a tripod?


I’ve got a Yashica MAT 124G TLR that I love. I got it on eBay about twelve years ago for $150.

It uses 120 film, which is still available if you look, and produced a 60mm x 60mm negative, which produces beautiful big prints.

Taking pictures with it is a different process. I either use a separate meter or guess at the exposure. It has ground glass on the top which reverses the image, so focusing takes some getting used to. It has a magnifying lens in the hood that can be popped out for detailed focusing. There’s something special about looking down at an image on the ground glass.

The big crank film advance has a wonderful solid tick-tick-tick to it.


I’ve got a Tourist II that takes, I think, 60mm x 80mm negatives, but it takes 620 film, and I’ve never gotten around to trying to trim 120 to fit it, and the bellows look like it could be full of pinholes.

I don’t use any of my film cameras very often. The last was the Canonet, with C41 B&W film. It’s great because of the huge aperture and small size.


Buy a “card reader” hat plugs in you USB port and forget the EasyShare software. I like the Aluratek one on Amazon.


If the macro modes work as well on the Z5120 as they do on the Z990 you can really get some nice close ups. I recently purchased a refurbished mouse and when it arrived I found it had a problem. One of the batteries had leaked. I was able, with the help of a small LED flashlight, to take pictures down inside the battery space of the mouse of the damaged area to send to the service department as proof of the problem. They immediately acknowledge the problem from the photos and started the replacement process.

You will most likely need a tripod to stabilize the camera. The smallest movements can be noticeable in this mode, but the photos are great.

You may want to look at the flickr Z5120 photos.


I don’t have experience with this particular model, but I have a ZD710 that resembles this one, son-in-law has a different Kodak digital that looks similar. Both were great cameras until they failed at the most inoppertune moments. This one may be great, may work well forever like my brother’s digital Kodak. But 2 of 3 Kodak’s in the family were a disappointment.


Thanks! BTW, some of those were taken at full zoom (the bird photos, but not the elephant) and I found I didn’t need to use a tripod, although I did stabilize my hands on the top of the safari car.