Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera

I got this the first time it was up. It was $149 then, and I was pretty happy. It’s a pretty powerful point-and-shoot, especially considering the price.

Everything about it is slightly above average.

One big problem that I had was that it saved everything in highly-compressed JPEG format. Every picture was something like 4MB, which tipped me off.

This camera is fantastic! I bought one the first time around for about $159 and it was a bargain at that price. It takes terrific video and with the zoom we used it to take kitesurfing video in Indonesia. Using burst capture the action still shots can be grabbed from the video right at the point you want the picture. I just bought a second one now!

I too have this camera, and I found out that if you turn the megapixels down in the settings the pics won’t be so huge.

Looks like the only color left is purple. If you have questions about this camera, you can start by going to the last sale’s discussion. Also down to $107.99. Couldn’t find the price for the last time but I think it was $119.99. If someone else knows for sure let me know and I’ll edit this(corrected from my original $149.99 guess). If you don’t mind the color purple, this is a great buy.

I will add to the chorus of “great buy” - I have the blue one and no one really notices the color. It takes great shots, easy to use and you can adjust the picture size pretty easily in the settings. You can also take panoramic shots and it has a “photobooth” setting.
I just wanted something simple with a great zoom to take shots of the sunset over the Golden Gate bridge. And it is very zoomy!
Also I picked up a cheapass Eye-Fi card on another deal site (can’t remember where now…) and that technology is a-mah-zing. As soon as you take the pictures it loads them onto your smartphone, computer, whatevah!
Anyway! Screaming deal. When I was showing the pictures I took on a recent camping trip (during the trip!), everyone wanted to know where they could get one. (BUT: if you need a small camera, this is not for you - it’s not HUGE, but it’s no microcamera).
Oh, and people posted problems with the battery life but I didn’t really have any problems - the batteries seem to last a reasonable amount of time. you just have to be sure to SHUT OFF THE CAMERA in between photo shoots.
(oh and I bought it on WOOT at the $129 level I think…)

No, no, I was saying that they’re tiny. 4MB is way too small for 16MP. The reason is because the JPEG compression is turned way high, and I couldn’t find a way to change it.

Actually, it’s been $119.99 in September at the regular woot:

and wootoff

and my previous comment:

Do I mind the color purple?


Sorry, gotta go.

Ok, my bad, sorry! I turned my pixels down to 14 and when I transferred a pic to my laptop the dimentions are a whopping 4608x2592, takes up a lot of space on the SD card.

Do you ship outside USA?In France?If yes i think i’ll buy one.

sigh…bought this on Woot back in June for $145. Why can’t I ever get the lowest price on anything? Haven’t had the time to read through the whole manual, but this camera IMO, lets too much light in and blurs easily.

This is a great camera! I too bought one @ the $149 price in black & I’d of gladly taken purple for $107! That’s a great price for a versatile camera. Takes really good videos. I took a video of a skit done @ a baby shower where 3 people were on a stage ~ 30 ft. away & both video & sound came out fantastic! I’ve also gotten some great close up portrait pics of my 4 year old boy/girl wiggly twin grandchildren & got amazing frame-worthy pics! I’d buy a 2nd one if I had the need! I’m trying to think of anyone I could give one to for Christmas since its such a great camera! Don’t hesitate to buy this camera, it has nice features like wide angle lens, easy uploads to Social Media & picture face recognition just to name a few!

Unfortunately, no. They only ship in the continental US (Which means I’m out of luck in Hawaii now =(…)

Looks like a very good camera for the money but I need an optical viewfinder.

Thanks , i figured it out when i tried to buy it ;-(((to me, it is not such a bad luck to live in Hawaii ;-))

A friend of mine got one a couple months back and took some AMAZINGLY sharp zoom shots at a football game…“clearly reading the tshirt slogans on people completely across the stadium from them” kind of sharp. I wanted one then, and I actually WANTED the purple one, but couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. NOW - I have a fall festival going on all around my house this weekend, family coming in from all points, and this shows up again - with “next day” shipping it’s STILL over $30.00 cheaper than my friend paid with regular shipping…and the only color is purple? For those who do not believe in fate - I offer you this. In for one, and in time for the weekend to boot!!! (Does cabbage patch “Happy Dance” around office…)

I bought this camera the last time it was up on Woot. Shipping took FOREVER, and upon arrival, I found that it takes HORRIBLE indoor pictures! I have a 14mp regular style camera that takes better shots. I can honestly say that I understand now why Kodak stopped making cameras :frowning:

Ok, you guys convinced me. I just ordered one for my wife for Christmas. WooHoo! or should I say Woot! I am done for Christmas shopping.

In the Army, they said, “Get the right tool for the job!”

Perhaps your camera takes “HORRIBLE indoor pictures” because it was not designed to take indoor pictures without a flash!

Buyers need to ask: Do you understand what apertures are? Do you understand what ISO is? How about shutter speeds? Most important, do you understand how they are related?

Were both cameras you mentioned set at the same ISO and aperture, and were you shooting the same scene? If that was true, then you have a valid observation.

We all want the $100 MFD1 (Magic Fairy Dust) camera that does everything perfectly with no training on our part. But it is not yet available.
And you may find the camera performs better if properly set and used in a situation within it’s limitations.

I am worried about the batteries. I usally like the batteries that are small and can be charged to a small wall charger. ??? do they last?