Kodak Easyshare 16MP Camera

Hint: for more saturated fall color shots, try finding the +/- exposure compensation and set it to make the shots a little darker.

Also, if your camera lets you set you own ISO, (usually on “P” - which is like decision-free but with more options) try using a lower ISO and see if the shots look better.

I’d be happy to recieve it for Christmas. Let me know if you want my address. LOL

I also purchased this recently at 119, and LOVE LOVE it! Takes Great pics, has a fast shutter speed and has lots of easy to maneuver functions. Would buy again in a heartbeat! I actually bought purple, and like the color, too!

almost bought this last time around, finally caved and bought it this time. my only problem is the AA batteries, why couldn’t woot be selling rechargeable ones today too…

I bought this in Black for $149 in the Spring. The current price is a pretty sweet deal for this camera. I love it. I do recommend testing out the different settings and adjusting the ISO for different scenes. As for batteries, I use rechargeable ones and have no complaints.

After researching and reading reviews on this puppy, it’s a no brainer. I’ve been looking for a camera like this, but I didn’t want to shell out major dollars. The price is incredible. I’m not a big fan of purple, but that’s not exactly a deal breaker. I’m in…!

Why don’t these cameras have a view finder??? The screen is tough to see in sunlight.

Is the camera very loud when in use? I would like to use it to photograph wildlife without alerting them to my presence. Thanks for the help…

Sales Tax?! Seriously?? This is my last Woot/Amazon purchase.

Was there any resolve of the issues with this camera and customer complaints about software access? I get the impression that the driver links in previous offerings either didn’t work or the easy share software was no longer available.

Does this have a continuous shooting capability? My kids swim and I end of taking continuous shots so I can get that one “good one”. Thanks!

Does anyone have experience with this camera for macro closeups? I like to take photos of bugs.

Love this camera, here’s my previous review on it (there’s a pretty picture!)

Glad I bought it when it did anyway, even for more money, it’s been awesome at events where I’m seated way in the back but want good pictures or to see the action. (My brother’s graduation, renaissance festival joust, driving through cool looking areas to name a few).

You have to play with it at first to familiarize yourself with what settings will work best for you, but after putting a little time it it works like a charm.

Seems like a consensus on the fact that this is a great camera for the price and I will add to it. Purchased this guy in the $140 range when it was on Woot and absolutely love it. ONLY negative is that its a bit bulkier than other point and shoots (i.e. cant fit in your pants pocket). But it takes waaay better photos than any point and shoot I’ve ever owned. If I could possibly think of a reason to have two, I’d be buying the purple one. fo sho.

Does this camera do 640 by 480 still pictures? I need to take pictures for work that I can upload to the internet without the file size being too big. I can use rechargable batteries for this camera, which is my only other issue with a camera that uses batteries instead of a rechargable Li-on pack. However, I have to take 640 by 480 stills.

One other consideration is that Kodak the parent company went bankrupt and was shut down on July 2nd according to Wikipedia. No more Kodak film or paper, and the death of another American company, but that is the price paid by bad management. It’s a shame because the Kodak Gallery online product won awards as one of the best products of the year, but they are part of American history now. Their patents and business have been bought out by other companies such as shutterfly, and Google. I don’t this a major consideration in buying this camera because the warranty should still be ok because other companies have picked up pieces of Kodak and by the time it breaks it will be obsolete, but there are other companies which are not bankrupt that make digital cameras.

It says right in the shipping note (bottom of the features tab) that it ships to all 50 states

or did Hawai’i secede from the U.S?.. imagine the fuel this would add to the birther debate lol

does it take picture fast, and in between pictures is it fast to take pictures?

I bought this one at $149.00 for my wife and it is an excellent choice, great camera in everyway and very easy to use, (hence my wife loves it). I just bought one for my son at $119.00 for christmas. No fear here well worth the money.

If a digital viewfinder will do the Z990 is a good option. It actually is a much better camera then this one. It is 12 MP, but the other features more then make up for that. I bought two of them and I’m very pleased. Amazon still has the camera and a bundle. Click on the style button to see bundle. Still don’t know why the bundle is $36 dollars cheaper, but it makes for a better deal and actually puts it closer to the price Woot sold them for. Unless Woot finds some more of these somewhere they sold out of the Z990 and the last few went during a Woot-off.

I already pointed to the previous discussion of this camera and it also discussed the Z990. In fact almost every time this camera has come up for sale, the Z990 was part of the discussion.

That doesn’t make the Z5120 a bad camera, it just has a different feature set.

Also, I just noticed that the Z5120 is now sold out. Congrats to those who got a great buy.